• A Child Filled With Emptiness

    Walking on this lonely road of lost memories
    I remember the dawn of my day
    of the innocent child
    who brought joy to everyone's heart... more »

  • A Crimson Mask

    Mismatched confinement
    recruited enticement
    seizing and slathering grace,
    insidious and grim.... more »

  • A Dream Come True?

    wish me luck on the trip
    snipped flipped ripped...
    peices of these memories flickers in the flames
    im the one to blame... more »

  • Angels

    The Angels of Hell will decieve you
    telling you lies
    it lures you
    but... more »

  • Birth At Fault?

    We mistakenly made history
    of this child's birth that was not meant to be-
    was this played in the hands of fate or destiny?... more »

  • Black And Gray

    What to do, what to say
    to rule this world in black and gray
    leaves all human astray
    a dull and plain life... more »

  • Blood Of Trust

    Can you even ask why
    this blood runs so thin
    or would you wonder why
    it runs at all... more »

  • Can'T Take It Anymore

    I couldn't take it anymore
    and just to prove I was sure,
    I made you stay
    while I walked away... more »

  • Catch A Falling Star..

    catch a falling star..
    this is where we are
    standing on the hills of dreams
    nothing is what it seems... more »

  • Dam This Day

    Dam.This day is tearin me apart.
    Ever since I saw you from the start.
    I couldn't even think if this was true.
    That everyday,... more »

  • Dead Man's Walk

    In the fight of justice
    one runs
    while the other lies in the blood red sun
    one walks proud... more »

  • Death

    This Angel
    swoops down
    quiet like a shadow
    never seen... more »

  • Doesn'T Matter

    Life isn't fair
    but not all people would care
    drowning in thier own problems
    with no clue to solve them... more »

  • Enough

    By & By
    through & through
    we lived life as few
    abundant not plentiful as you have tried... more »

  • Envy Of Me

    envy of me
    for im stronger than thee
    living this life full of treason
    harsh manner with out a reason... more »

  • Fear

    What is it
    you cannot see or hear it
    but you know it exists
    Fear... more »

  • Fragile Heart

    When I first met you,
    you asked me for my name, I let you have it
    you asked me to be your everything, I let it happen
    you asked me for my heart and I let you take it... more »

  • Hope Of No Existence

    Secrets of anger cannot be kept
    secrets of hope can

    but there is no hope, ever... more »

  • I Don'T Know Why

    I don't know why
    but i always find myself in the dark
    I just don't know why... more »

  • Ignorance Is Bliss

    Ignorance is bliss
    This everlasting kiss
    Was like the kiss of death to me
    Struggling, yearning to be free... more »

  • In Ashes My Tears Now Lie

    Here in ashes do my tears now lie
    for every dropp filled with unrequited love did i cry... more »

  • Last Thoughts

    Go to bed and never wake up
    breathe your last breath
    cry your last tears
    remember the good times... more »

  • Leave

    There is no one to blame
    if nothing is the same
    that one day
    you decided to go the other way... more »

  • Lies

    If you dare,
    kill them
    shunn them
    don't let them in... more »

  • Life

    Life is harsh and cruel
    when im angry, i want everyone to leave me alone
    no one to intefere
    i wanna go to the corner... more »