• Life Abide Death

    life abide death
    death abides the law of life

    abide the law of life... more »

  • Live Is To Die

    Live is to die
    die is to live
    so why do you try
    to live for death... more »

  • Lost Childhood

    you grow up too fast
    you forget the faded past
    you leave behind in the dust
    the childhood that brings you happiness... more »

  • Love Is Like A Flu

    Love is like a flu
    you may catch it and never know
    you won't think its true
    until it shows... more »

  • Mandatory?

    It's deafening to be inspired
    required to be part of
    this wheel of destiny
    when you have already strived and bled just to be... more »

  • Paper

    I'll put the paper away
    as if it's nothing
    nothing CAN be nothing... more »

  • Poison

    Cruel words
    stab me deep
    anger and fear
    begin to seep... more »

  • Puzzles Of Tears

    collecting the droplets of memories
    I put them back piece by piece
    with every correction
    I get flashbacks... more »

  • Reality Of Dreams

    bled to bleed
    heart to soul
    those chained will be freed
    resisting the shivering cold... more »

  • Regret

    In life
    which I soulfully held in my hands
    I took the chance
    and gave it to the knife... more »

  • Remedy

    Pitter Patter
    Oh! !
    how sweet is your luaghter-
    soothes me, sings me to sleep... more »

  • Remnants Of The Soul

    now that your gone
    and no more will you wake at dawn
    no more will your soul
    tell the story it was supposed to be told... more »

  • Rendezvous

    sunny dat
    come out and play
    this outgoing only comes once in a while... more »

  • Requiem Of Broken Answers

    flattered and deflattered
    by the masses of huge assumptions
    the words full of lies
    they look at me but you look the other way... more »

  • Ruptured Script

    I changed my name,
    I changed my face
    but who would know..
    who know of this disgrace... more »

  • Season Is To Life

    Life's like the falling leaves
    maturity like the seasons
    the old envy the young
    but yet the young fall to fast... more »

  • Secret

    I will put in this small box, a secret, yet unknown
    the sound of happiness and laughter, so close but faint
    the taste of salty tears running down my cheeks
    time passing by so slow that it seems the day will never end this pain... more »

  • Skipping Stones

    Skipping stones
    one, two, three
    remembering the summe
    of the picnics we had in the park... more »

  • Snippets Of Time

    It’s the words that blends into time
    scheming of what should rhyme
    but its reality that begins to linger
    on who is the actual singer... more »

  • Stuck

    These wings of departure
    may never help me to my future
    for I am still stuck in the past
    blinded by an emotional mask... more »

  • Sweet Hatred

    To love this lady
    you must be very crazy
    dreams can die
    hearts can fly... more »

  • Turn Back The Clock

    the child runs and plays
    while the man works hard everyday
    the child is carefree
    while the man works hard for his degree... more »

  • Twisted Words, Contorted Mind

    This life we have lived
    the breath of time we let go
    we strived to take and give
    huddling deeply in the dense packed snow... more »

  • Until......

    Until you die
    I would cry
    tears of happiness
    not of sympathy... more »

  • Wasted Happiness

    hours go by slow
    the day goes by fast
    and for every second we waste
    we lose a minute... more »