• ...And Born Of Light

    Come here, small Angel, I can’t see the light.
    Come here, little winged, and show me what’s right.

    My heart is not ready, my eyes are tired.... more »

  • A Dreamer Thick In Dreaming

    On the edge of ferrous sky,
    Where great eagles learn to fly,
    A rainbow grand,
    With pied command,... more »

  • A Postcard To God

    I think I’d choose a scenic place,
    With sunshine on a smiling face,
    And in the glowing daylight’s grace
    Their happy eyes in warmth’s embrace.... more »

  • A Requiem For Souls

    I am glad that I have kept most tempestuous to the last.
    In a shrieking call of a mad audience, the seeds of crudity are cast.
    An entertainer with a faint and engaging past.
    No more than a jester with hands and tongue tied fast.... more »

  • Adam & Eve

    Adam was wise, and somewhat robust,
    Adam had heart, and breaths on a gust.
    Adam was warm, and sincere in voice,
    Adam had chains in the Realm Of Rejoice.... more »

  • Advent And Finale

    A ghost upon a moor’s dark banks.
    What was it’s grand story?... more »

  • Alpha And Omega


    When ages in our world were young,
    And man stepped lightly ‘round,... more »

  • And The Oscar Goes To...

    Congratulations are in order,
    The curtain’s up, but your eyes are down.
    Would I be right in saying you’re not happy?
    I remember your laugh and your silent tears,... more »

  • Another God?

    Someone once showed me an image from their
    Head. It was like an artist had harnessed
    Some divine talent and painted with long,
    Vivid strokes, the picture that he saw then.... more »

  • Apep And The Thunder-Djinn

    Beneath a mourning, darkened sky,
    Far beyond perception’s eye,
    Apep and the Thunder-Djinn
    Battled Ra with serpent skin.... more »

  • Apo Pantos Kaikodamanus

    Shape shift, dark rift,
    In a language spoken by stars all swift.
    Heartless, distress,
    Through halls of magic one possessed.... more »

  • April Snow

    I’ve seen a cascading blossom descend
    From branches I would once, as a child, blend
    All my dreams above the ground which would be
    So far below me. So far below me.... more »

  • Argos And Aversion

    The red condemnèd plains
    Which line Homeric Greece
    Stretch out into the distance,
    Beneath a sun obese.... more »

  • Axe

    Pretty Lisa took an axe,
    She gave her captor fourty whacks,... more »

  • Behemoth And Leviathan

    Behemoth and Leviathan,
    O’ how were exchanged the sighs of respite
    Where the battle began. O’ how the hunger
    Will be abated! And when the former drinks dry... more »

  • Borne

    Sitting in a field of vivid, untamed
    Flowers, deeply tinted in the sunlight,
    Is a lonely soldier, clad in dirty
    Warrior’s garb. Blood-stained blade beside him,... more »

  • Buccaneer's Vice

    The gold was washed up on the shore,
    Doubloons and trinkets, jew’ls and more,
    The bandits fought o’er the gold ahead,
    But then each pirate ended dead.... more »

  • By My Angel's Dying Tears

    For the one I can’t forget.

    I can see a shattered body, lying
    Broken in the snow. A lonesome crying... more »

  • Carnival Time

    The carrousel seahorses' picturesque circus dress
    Flows behind in a wave.
    The pantomime symphony echoes a mocking song,
    Which winds all the hours away.... more »

  • Clandestine And Furtive Magick

    “Look towards the noon-time sea,
    You’ll see a thing divine.
    Hear the tunes upon the waves,
    As the songs are soaked in brine.”... more »

  • Dead Armour

    When a sickening weight sinks down, when the
    Only thing expelling warmth is ghastly
    And putrid in its fester, when the cold,
    Dead eyes of old friends tell stories, endless... more »

  • Envy, Tribunal And Discharge

    “Be gone! ” He roared, as we, abhorred,
    Were cast from Hell, on a bitter spell.... more »

  • Eyes Of A Stranger

    There’s a crack in the rainbow,
    There’s a hole in the sky,
    Everything I once believe in
    Turned into a lie.... more »

  • Eyes Of The Nebula

    An interstellar revelry of great
    Cosmic winds where twisting shades can abate
    The flow of time. Brazen in observing,
    With their celestial eyes, unnerving.... more »

  • First Kiss

    For so long coyness o’ershadowed sense,
    To feel the thrilling strikes of blood on bone,
    To suffer the clumsy conversation,
    For so long coyness o’ershadowed sense.... more »