• Moonlight And Surrogate Rites

    Seeing familiar names upon a
    Stone, I grew frantic. Kneeling in the thick
    Nettled grass, I carved away with bloodied
    Nails, and etched instead my name. Then clawing... more »

  • Morn' Sky, Pre-Dawn

    I don’t know what it does to me. I do,
    But I don’t understand. The leathery
    Morn’ sky pre-dawn giving up the ghosts of
    Night. Odd silence, even the bustling towns... more »

  • My Giraffe Is Weak At The Knees

    Have you ever seen a giraffe drink?
    If not, pause, stop to think,
    It spreads its feet,
    With eyes discrete,... more »

  • Nighttimes And The Silence (Acrostic)

    Evening moonlighted glows cascade,
    Never a flicker from the dainty candle which,
    On a rickety wooden table,
    Looks on with it’s swaying flame.... more »

  • O Sweet Nemesis, For Thee A Claret Sunrise

    Drowning in a revenant night, my eyes
    Sunken to dreaming, where ravenous skies
    Rolled thunder’s diction through my velvet cries
    And drove a vengeful whisper to arise.... more »

  • On Spying The Fiddler Atop The Hill

    Upon a morning, mid-March time, still cold
    And dank throughout, there was a figure which stood
    Lean and slight, silhouetted against the bold... more »

  • Only A Fool

    Only a fool believes his kingdom would last a thousand years,
    But in truth should it surely fall and drown in regret’s tears.

    Only a fool would smile happily in the face of all his foes,... more »

  • 'Only This And Nothing More.'

    There was a shop upon a street,
    With dusty shelves all trim and neat,
    No custom came, nor neared with haste,
    For the sign hung crooked with foul taste.... more »

  • Orpheus And Eurydice

    Orpheus, won’t you turn around?
    Spin your heels upon the ground,
    Gaze upon me, I’ll not wilt,
    And you ne’er will need faulty guilt,... more »

  • Painting Thought

    Made from different finger paints,
    With blue and red and white and green,
    Strange, odd shapes of unique form
    I ask myself: what does it mean?... more »

  • Plus Fort Sans Un Coeur

    The lilting melody of chattering
    Spheres of rain. A sonata of silver
    Pearls dousing the patterned panes of glass. The
    Divine was etched upon the window in... more »

  • Queen Of A Cruel Fate

    Although just one slight hour,
    She’s been locked within the tower,
    He’ll soon become undone,
    By the shadows and the sun.... more »

  • Reaching For The Whips

    By the Great Pharaoh’s command,
    He held within his pristine hand,
    The tools to make his work complete:
    Fettered hands and grazèd feet.... more »

  • Replica

    I witnessed my own hanging,
    From prices paid in sand,
    I saw the gallows growing taut
    As silver crossed my hand.... more »

  • Shriek

    There was a scene like Munch’s “Scream”,
    Like a vast, volcanic dream,
    The swirling sky was burning bright
    Upon the Oslofjord at night.... more »

  • Sins Of A Father

    Locked away for uncertain time,
    Mindful of King Minos’ crime,
    In a tower that stretch’d high beyond,
    And hope of escape was something fond,... more »

  • Swarming

    There is a season waiting for me,
    There is a sky for all to see,
    There is a forest still turning,
    There is a fire still burning,... more »

  • That Which Enthused Onyx To Lament Catharsis

    We have here, Bartholomew. No light could
    Break his eyes, and he ne’er saw the cruel
    Night displace the kissing clouds in a deep
    Scarlet carnival, rising phantastic... more »

  • The Coldest Days Of Winter

    They ran through the flowers, they say,
    They played all the hours away,
    They sang all the time of the day,
    They picked at the Summer’s display.... more »

  • The Devil And The Mirror

    As he sat, he bent his neck down toward
    A drenchèd floor and gazed with love abhorred
    Into himself, framed with black murk, he stared.
    The pool stared back, fiendish. There stooped, ensared... more »

  • The Edge Of Time

    And so upon a mid-cent year there passed
    The Revelations, so foretold by the
    Almighty God and sundry brood of one
    Jacob, as with brethren of Jesus Christ.... more »

  • The Epithet Of Lechery

    As a traveller, I crave immortality.
    As a pilgrim, I crave a secrecy.
    As a conductor, I crave all clarity.
    As a journeyman, I crave idolatry.... more »

  • The Fading Cannon's Cry

    “Cover! ” Yelled my soldier friend
    As he ran around the bend.
    The trench was slick and smooth with mud,
    Mixèd with my comrades’ blood.... more »

  • The Fevered Moon

    Hung in the air by phantom hands,
    Pulling tides up higher sands,
    The sun turned inside-out it seems,
    To guard and defend our magic dreams.... more »

  • The King's Acrobat

    Resting once upon a hill,
    Feeling Winter’s bitter chill,
    I spied a person far beyond
    With tunic black and hair of blonde.... more »