• Beneath The White Tree

    I sit weak heartlessly hearted upon the threshold with turban overhead and feet fixed rightly. In composition I sit so swiftly does hand Oh mine reach the white tree Oh flat is the white tree of beit my grounds to where I once do flee.... more »

  • Garments Layered Thickly; Spirited As Are Beautiful

    Of poets and of men, women and of children, animal and of insect, neither above the latter, nor above the former all in which a spirit do possess; on equal grounds, upon every color under skyward winds are they, all fashioned, with each a mask, and a specialty that is hidden beneath... more »

  • Khalil Gibran My Master

    The heretic calleth they to he my teacher yea but he be of storms swiftly redundantly crumbling my stature khalil gibran my master deep of my souls evolution cuts thrasher. Taught me did he of love of solitude rectitude becometh he of the clot of thy contented tis lewd.... more »

  • Lion Of The Deep Parched Soul: His Heart Is Drenched For Allah

    ... more »

  • My Childhood Of Darkness: A Contemporary Writing.

    1Childhood of mine filled with dark coloured filament, Oh mine.             2Walking intensively of an element be taken.          At age thirteen did I love only by earthlings all to be forsaken.                         3 waters of death overshadowing me passed fifteen.                     4 a glimmer beith... more »

  • No Nay; Nevermore

    NO nay; Nevermore: Be I alone, forever so more, HER my bewilderer, do I ever adore; never, no never shall I have HER love occur. My FARAH, Oh my FARAH correlates me yea does HER; forever forever nay no nevermore!... more »

  • Savoring Bristy; My Loving Lavendering One!

    Savoring Bristy; My Loving lavendering one: Crieth for YOU ever that I do, for YOU, my love; flowing as the black raven dove. My Thorns, that my Rose; my only lonesome element, my dose from that whence I, yea I have AROSE! Lo! Forever more, Oh!... more »