• A Dropp Of Tears In Your Sea

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  • A Glimmer Of It

    Running over my concious does she with a daze
    In winter time do I feel excellerating of a flaming blaze
    Though serene tis a mysterious maze
    That of love and that of this harboring pain... more »

  • A Thought, Deception

    my master spoke of one component of the self to be recognized in the other self. in me is an inch of you and in you is an inch of myself of the entire spectrem. equality resides beneath us yet we cannot see it becasue we are physcially above it. in all of us is the multitude of the universes emotions waving back and forth as the ocean of space continues to expand our feelings are sometimes comets and sometimes flashing shooting stars and even asteriods at other times yet we all lie in this ever expanding... more »

  • A Time Of Ease And A Time Of Peace

    A time of ease and a time of peace

    Has truly Come in this cold winters breeze... more »

  • Alone At Home

    Have you ever been versatile all alone within your home

    Have you ever been bewildered in contemplation searching for answers hither and to and fro... more »

  • Amazing/Everything

    complexity of everything is quite amazing

    like a star so far beautified yet so closely dazing... more »

  • An Echo Unheard Yet Heard

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  • Await With Balance

    It is not to find the elements that strike the heart
    It is to await their calling so that when they do strike your shield will be intact
    It is not to enforce love it is to let it enforce itself upon you so that you may understand It's strike
    And if the elements have Come to you then you surely know... more »

  • Beneath The White Tree

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  • Bipolar Elements

    Once I opened my mouth and out spurt a caged bird whence my mouth was then filled with saliva and dirt
    I closed and reopened my mouth, out from it came an eagle with snake in its engulfing talons
    Then again, I opened and closed and then a lofty pillar heaped largely over a sorrowful man crying
    I closed and opened it once more and out of my mouth breathed dirt and formed saliva... more »

  • Blade Of Fate

    The blade of fate lay over my neck forceful and blatant

    Cold But withered like a willow tree whistling like a raven... more »

  • Blood On My Petals

    Tis still bleeding from my flowers petals

    That incense of darkness overshadowing me such a darkness likened to unseen worlds... more »

  • Bubble And A Veil

    A bubble of a veil that extends forever

    on then unconscious mind that no one can severe... more »

  • Childhood Of Darkness

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  • Civilization[bonapartea's Paradigm]

    I sit here as this world civilization deteriorates further from a level 1 civilization

    Condescending lies descend from the space of deception like rain over a dry desolate barren land... more »

  • Daegonius Bonapartae

    Yes did you calleth me while I falleth down below
    Yes did you clamor after me a great calamity?
    Deep within me is a carving have you seen it show
    The name daegonius bonapartae its light is hidden... more »

  • Dazed State

    A dazed state of unconscious mind

    A truth undertaken all quite hard to find... more »

  • Death

    Who can overtake the king of lions
    who can defeat the wings of zion
    none can take their glory away
    none can break their story nay... more »

  • Dedication

    A dedication upon parchment I write

    For a meaning a reason I fight... more »

  • Dreams

    Tis love my only bethrottle of innocence
    whilst its shadow runs over me subtley
    i thought the moon could deliver me penitentence
    but this pen, and this ink still asunder under me roughly... more »

  • Endless Love

    A shockwave upon your throne is chemically industrialized through that throne if it is seeked out

    Surely it is in mine.... more »

  • Every Mans Apple

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  • Farah Bristy April 12,1994/Banglasdesh/Canada/18 Loved David Shaneyfelt(Daegonius Bonapartea)

    That being, that woman who left her wake over me 4 years ago has grumbled enough pain upon this soul
    In the years I have tired of you Farah Bristy of Bangladesh April 12 1994
    Your image has cursed my mind to the inner most of my core decieving me for these 4 years has perversed my very heart
    As If your thoughts would summon any care or loving actions to my heart... more »

  • From Peasant To God

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  • Garments Layered Thickly

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