I had a disastrous unloving marriage for 21 years.
Have been a professional calligrapher for 50 years.
I was falsely accused of some dreadful crimes for money. It was impossible to disprove a negative so I was convicted of those historic (40 years ago?) imaginary crimes and was jailed. I was finally believed and released after 3.5 years.
They say that what doesn't destroy you makes you stronger. Well, it also teaches you some harsh truths about life in general. I first tried poetry 'for fun' in jail.
I am working on combining my art and my poetry. The future is going to be interesting.


Dafyd Smith Poems

Romantic - Yeah, Right!

Romantic - yeah, right!
3 November 2004

Sitting 'round the table,... more »

Injustice For All

Injustice For All
December 2004

Injustice for all... more »

In Durance Vile

I wandered lonely as a cloud – um, plagiarism’s not allowed.
So I’ll build a poem just my own – a task I’ll have to do alone.
I’m searching for a theme to start, something that will touch the heart.
Maybe a poem about my location, a reasonable place but full of emotion.... more »

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