• A Wish That Was:

    a wish that was,

    Is thought lost because.... more »

  • Angels And Demons:

    the warmth of their lights,
    the chill of their shadows,
    the delighted face of a holy being,
    the evil laughter of a demonic thing,... more »

  • Best Friends

    if you are feeling a little down,

    a real best friend will act like a clown,... more »

  • Dark They Are:

    Dark they are and golden eyed,
    With grace like black panthers, sleek with pride,
    They prowl the night, spreading far and wide,
    Still, they walk among us, noticed, yet always untried,... more »

  • Falling In Love

    i just need to let it out,
    i'm gonna tell ya with a great big shout.

    Chorus:... more »

  • Fire

    Fire, fire, burning bright, cackling, cackling with pure delight,
    Fire, thou art cruelly dark and blessedly bright,

    Fire, fire, The Bringer of Life,... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    If the world was gonna end today,
    I'd try to find the words to say,
    I'm sorry,
    I'm sorry,... more »

  • Inheritance

    With bow and arrow he wandered the night,
    Deep in the Spine with the deer he must smight.
    Then out of thin air appeared a stone of blue.
    Where it came from he had no clue.... more »

  • Love And Time

    tick, tock, tick, tock... stop and look at him tock...
    for the keeper of time is a ticking, ticking, ticking...
    if he were to stop that would be the end of a clock...
    because he would stop a clicking, clicking, clicking...... more »

  • The Legacy Of Hope:

    Hope.It is a fragile thing, it is the one thing that keeps humans going when all other motivation has failed them.Hope is the belief that no matter how hard Today is,
    tommorow WILL be better. It is the root of every successful story, every impossible feat that has been accomplished, and the very core of the human soul. Hope is the
    reason we, as humans, have kept going, kept SURVIVING, for without Hope, we are naught but the empty, hollowed-out shells of what we CAN and SHOULD be.... more »

  • The Meaning Of Love:

    What is love?

    Is it an actual thing,... more »

  • There For Me

    you were there for me,
    your love is the only light i see,
    i've been dragged so deep down this damn hole,
    when i see your face my soul becomes whole,... more »

  • There's A Chill In The Air:

    The wind, oh how she'll whisper,
    In a gleeful tone, made much crisper,
    By the chill in the air,
    With secrets to share,... more »

  • You:

    Your smile gets me through the day,
    Your laugh helps me find my way,
    Your eyes make me wanna stay,... more »