• Flame's Message

    I am a flame.
    My tongue licks and caresses,
    My light burns heat and
    Sends it to your cheeks.... more »

  • Forest Scene

    Rustling leaves
    rushing river
    rough and slimy rocks.... more »

  • I Am A Nature Being

    I am a nature being.
    My door to fall opens.
    Cool air bathes my skin
    sending bumps hopping... more »

  • In My World

    Live,... more »

  • Masks

    We live in a swirl of Masks.
    In the Daylight Masks shine and dance about
    showing off white-teeth grins
    and playfully joking expressions... more »

  • Meeting Of Moon And Wind

    Hello again,
    Wind whispers gently.
    Moon's serene face
    brightens noticeably.... more »

  • Rubble's Revenge

    I lie and wait,
    The rubble ‘round your feet.
    I plot a plan, this forgettable
    Pebble am I.... more »

  • The Book

    He is a book
    With a beautiful title
    And a flawless cover.
    But alas, the cover is shut... more »

  • The Red Stripes

    She was not a fashionable girl,
    says the single pair of ratty tennis shoes
    slouching in the closet floor;
    But, an artist, says the dark, demented... more »

  • Titled 'somewhere In The Middle'

    Budding manhood
    Starting womanhood.
    These are the times
    when one learns... more »

  • Violent Elements

    She sheds her hopes
    like leaves in fall.
    The accusing wind
    rips them from her soul.... more »

  • Welcome, Welcome

    Welcome, welcome
    I'm ready for you.
    Warm hands reach out
    grasping my life... more »