• A Fallen Leaf On The Forest Floor

    A fallen leaf on the forest floor
    Just one of a million, maybe more
    Blending in, afraid you see
    Of what someone might think of me... more »

  • Alone

    Alone he wakes to greet each day
    Nothing to do, nothing to say
    Watching the sun make it's rise
    Another day of silent cries... more »

  • America

    Oh Lord, why have you deserted me,
    I feel as if I'm down in my grave.
    No longer do I walk among the living,
    with the others, your grace has saved.... more »

  • Beware!

    He comes in uninvited
    Wearing a disguise
    Always trying to blend in
    With friendship and his lies... more »

  • Crowd Ed

    Wrapped up tightly in a crowd
    Feeling safe and sound
    Just one of a thousand more
    Alone with others all around... more »

  • Deep Dark Blues

    My heart skipped a beat
    I felt so complete
    That day you said that you loved me.... more »

  • Dream Land

    Drifting, drifting, slowly drifting,
    going, going, gone.
    To places that my mind will travel,
    where at times I don't belong.... more »

  • Enough

    New king sittin on the throne
    Ruling just like a third reich clone
    Who is this guy, no one really knows
    That's one hand, he just won't expose... more »

  • Enough Is Enough

    Tax the rich
    feed the poor
    They're filled with greed
    and just want more... more »

  • Fate?

    When I entered this world,
    was my life's script already written?
    I think I might have got the wrong script,
    because I sure didn't fit in.... more »

  • Hate

    Oh how he hated him,
    though he knew it wasn't right.
    It consumed his heart and soul,
    eating at him both day and night.... more »

  • In The Hills Of California

    I journey out in the clean crisp air
    Hiking for hours in the place where
    I leave my worries and despair
    In the hills of California... more »

  • Lazy River

    River, lazy river
    carry me slowly out to sea
    Past your drooping willows
    and your mighty cypress tree... more »

  • Life In The Dark

    As the sun travels down to the other side,
    The dark begins it's journey back.
    The sky is like an artist painting over blue,
    with orange, purple, gray, then black.... more »

  • Mirror Man

    I get up every morning,
    at the break of day.
    I check myself in the mirror,
    make sure I look okay.... more »

  • Moon Lit Stalkers

    Moon lit stalkers

    When the moon shines through pitch black skies they come out to play
    Not your everyday sun lit friends... more »

  • My Lord

    Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    Why would I fear
    My Shepherd's near... more »

  • My Refuge

    I fly away, yet one more time
    To that other place, deep within my mind

    Hidden in the middle of nowhere... more »

  • On My Own

    I once had someone,
    I thought cared.
    We laughed and loved,
    and always shared.... more »

  • P.T.S.D.

    Look into his eyes
    Past the haunting stare
    The horror
    Unspoken horror... more »

  • Reminiscing

    I remember
    times of old
    I was young
    strong and bold... more »

  • Saved

    I was left, I was right
    In between, I lost sight
    Who am I? I thought I knew
    But that was when, true was true... more »

  • Silence

    Silence speaks a language
    The language of the mind
    It's golden when things are good
    But yet can be unkind... more »

  • Slow Down, Look Around

    There was a time not long ago
    When yes was yes, and no was no
    Good was good, and bad was bad
    Happiness was simple to be had... more »

  • The End

    Skies flashing bright strobes of light
    Blinding in the black of night
    Heaven spears strike earth with thunder
    Fear struck seeking shelter under... more »