• As You Sleep...

    You sleep...
    A more angelic face I haven't seen

    You sleep...... more »

  • Believe

    Your skeptic nature
    Your cynical streak
    Is what I fell in love with... more »

  • Got That Feeling Again

    Got that feeling again
    That’s same feeling that always seems
    to come back at the wrong time.
    I’m lonely. I miss you.
    I feel so empty inside. Am I fooling myself?... more »

  • Home

    I left home decades ago
    And traveled far away
    To land in this cultural melting pot... more »

  • I Am 30...

    Today I am 30, and here is what I have gained in life

    I had a tremendous childhood that taught me about confidence, friendship, family, religion, war and politics.... more »

  • My Heart

    My heart has beaten a million beats of love
    For every memory we’ve ever made
    And with every bead of sweat from my skin
    Poured another passionate night spent in our bed... more »

  • My Warrior

    Few things make me sadder
    Then seeing you suffer
    As you fight this endless battle
    Inside your head... more »

  • That Morning

    That morning when we met
    Sun was bright quite a bit
    And your eyes were oh so lit
    I knew you... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    Thinking of you
    Wanting you near
    Why are you far
    When needed here... more »

  • Wicked Game - Chris Isaak

    The world was on fire
    No one could save me but you.
    Strange what desire will make foolish people do
    I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you... more »