I was born in Long Island Jewish Hospital in Queens, NYC. I've moved upstate since then. I'm fourteen (finally! ! ^-^) . I started writing some time around December or January, I think. I went to a private school for 7 1/2 years, then got homeschooled for almost a year. I'm a sophmore in highschool this year. I write my poetry and songs based on my feelings and things that happen/have happened to me. Please feel free to post comments about and/or rate my work. In fact, I'd appreciate it.


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I Hate...

I hate,
hate that I can't trust

I hate,... more »

Am I?

Am I your friend,
Fighting depression?
Am I your sister,
Making a bad impression?... more »


Alone, Alone
I'm sitting at home, Alone.... more »

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David N. Degnan 18 Nov 2007 09:21
Hey, how's everything on poemhunter going for ya? You got some nice poems out there, hope people are finding them OK. Keep 'em coming! -Oni