• A Memory

    I took a shot,
    Or maybe two;
    Something to take away this thought.... more »

  • Alone

    Alone, Alone
    I'm sitting at home, Alone.... more »

  • Am I?

    Am I your friend,
    Fighting depression?
    Am I your sister,
    Making a bad impression?... more »

  • Could It Be?

    Could it be that this is real?
    Could it be that it's safe to feel
    More in love than I've felt before?
    'Cause each day I love you more and more.... more »

  • D*mn It

    Indecisive about what matters,
    Only because I've been shattered... more »

  • Ex

    I wish, as I sat here,
    Nearing midnight, you see
    Just to pretend that it doesn't hurt me....... more »

  • Fairytale

    Why love? Why hate?
    Does it last?
    No, that's fate.... more »

  • Fear

    Scared to trust,
    You’ll let me down.
    Scared to believe
    You need me now.... more »

  • H.O.N.E.S.T.Y.

    Next to impossible
    Extremely difficult... more »

  • Helpless, Part 1

    How can I show you?
    -show you I care,
    How can I stop you?
    -stop the temptation,... more »

  • Helpless, Part 2

    How can I help you?
    Make you see,
    It's not that I hate you,
    This pain is just too much for me.... more »

  • Him...But It's Not His Fault

    I want to lay in bed and cry
    Until there's nothing left inside.

    Why does it all come back?... more »

  • I Am Me

    This is me;
    I won't change.... more »

  • I Hate...

    I hate,
    hate that I can't trust

    I hate,... more »

  • I Laugh...

    I laugh,
    To pretend there's no pain.
    I laugh,
    To make you feel okay.... more »

  • I Made A Mistake

    I'm tired of wakin' up
    To this same story.
    Life's h*ll, I hate
    But there's no glory.... more »

  • I. A.M. M.E.

    Inappropriate at best

    Mistrustful... more »

  • If I...

    If I become attached,
    Will you leave me?
    If I say, 'I love you, '
    Will you hate me?... more »

  • Innocence

    Torn and broken, on the floor.
    Was this my wish, or something more?
    The one thing I can never get back,
    Is gone now, no matter the regret.... more »

  • L.O.V.E.

    On top of
    Emotions... more »

  • My Life

    Why get up to another day?
    Another day of hurt and pain.

    What's the point of this misery?... more »

  • Once More

    So many weeks later,
    And you finally tell me.
    “I no longer view you as a sister, you see.”... more »

  • S.A.N.I.T.Y.

    Sleight of hand
    Not me
    Imaginary... more »

  • S.I.N.C.E.R.E.

    Causes complications... more »

  • Unmasked

    I want you, you know
    I just have to admit.
    With my right hand held high,
    I can’t deny it.... more »