• Euphrasie

    The sun has fallen down in the depth of your eyes
    While a star arose in the vault of Heaven
    A rose has gone alone, amongst many others
    The wind has blown the barriers of my soul... more »

  • Fallen Muse

    Finally I have found one hand to catch my fall
    Someone who slowly will ban you from my soul
    I will burn in her hands the words I have confined
    In my tormented heart to prevent you from harm... more »

  • I Remember Her Smile

    I remember her smile, cradle of light
    Between her hands I have confined my nights
    On her body I have laid down my shame
    And in my heart she has written her name... more »

  • Il Y A

    There are some screams that one can not restrain
    Some sufferings we don't want to remind
    A past too present, a future too absent
    A fire dying down after braving the wind... more »

  • I'M Alright

    “I’m alright, she said, I’m alright
    Don’t you notice the scars on my side
    I’m alright, she said, I’m alright”
    As red tears fell on my arms... more »

  • Letter To Myself

    Maybe I’m not the one that you have expected
    Maybe I should just pack and pull away
    I wish you would find the words that would kill
    The pain that eats me everyday... more »

  • Mad World

    In a mad world
    Light always breeds greater darkness
    In a mad world
    Only silence speaks the truth... more »

  • My Unreachable Dream

    Nostalgia burns deep inside my self.
    Shall I give up, shall I battle again?
    Survival of an unfirming dream
    I love a face that I have never seen... more »

  • Speaking Of Fate

    Madness, my only friend,
    Remember when you said
    'You see me through their eyes,
    I'm the end of your light,... more »

  • This Life

    Looking at this picture again, i believe I'm just human
    Too broken to recognize, I feel a need to idealize
    Life is a stream in a rush and it's taking me away
    From this world of Illusion, I come upon Seclusion... more »

  • Wishes

    I would like to tell you how beautiful
    Is the world that I bear in my soul
    I would like to show you purity
    And all the values that you have defiled... more »