Damian Cranney Poems

Go Fishing

There is no peace to equal that, of fishing by a Lake,
Or a stream, or river broad, or pond within a wood,
If worries you would cast away, take a fishing break,
Nature, is the balm that Soothes, the restless soul for good.... more »

Cool Rider

He rode into town, with an easy grace,
Riding his horse, at a leisurely pace,
He didn't slow down, he didn't look round
the street was deserted, and he heard not a sound.... more »

The Question

I've asked this question before,
but I'm going to ask it once more,
If religion is right and your God has the might,
where is the need to bicker and fight?... more »

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Summer 18 Feb 2018 10:07
I love all the poems