• Almost Paris Times Two

    cut into me please
    beautify my memory
    delight my photography
    your there... more »

  • Cheated On Them All

    cheated on them all
    constant streams of beer
    all the time with the music
    used to be smart... more »

  • Come With My Past

    if only, if someday, if your lonely
    come to me now
    leave that life, this day
    if you miss me, cant forget... more »

  • Grass

    did you know, you just sap it
    outta me?
    my only art is bad titles for
    books ill never write... more »

  • I Went One Day

    i went one day

    a territory one day I saw, and contemplated
    i see it still, in my room I guess you feel i... more »

  • Invent When Your Alone

    create me, make me, there,
    when im finally gone
    i see you sitting,
    knitting together,... more »

  • Its Only You

    you walk down an almost silent line of wire
    they all become silent benchmarks and authors
    no-one quotes,
    yet they live with... more »

  • Love Letters In Braile

    from my view you can
    tell my eyesight is not so clear,
    have a letter for me from my
    one true love and please... more »

  • My Bedlam Is Just What It Thinks It Is

    join my asylum, come with me
    and join this club
    its such joy, to be all alone here,
    nothing, but an alcoholic ploy... more »

  • My Only Soul

    it looks dark and involved
    something plays the flute and the melodies,
    uninvited swim around our ears
    in this garden, it breaks the day and... more »

  • No More Memory

    stains on already pained coronary sytems,
    once sang in giddy childs
    fairground attarctions in far and
    forgotten resort towns... more »

  • Old Phones/Punk Song

    Searching, for nothing important I found you guys. A tiny dual.
    Old mobile phones and I cant turn you on, old phones died in my wars.

    I wonder what forgotten numbers you hold... more »

  • On My Limb

    trust me, noone knows
    what way we shall blow,
    on our portal night
    and the eastern kite... more »

  • Stop To Sway

    dont want
    never will
    goodbye!... more »

  • The Boat Was Wild But You Hung On You Just Hung Right On

    conquests are for the crusades,
    did you breathe that seaside air,
    did we both inhale,
    that one time which (is yet to)... more »

  • There Is Astronomy

    i will pull meat,
    between my teeth
    ashes will or wont
    reside under my guise... more »