• 4am At Work

    Half Hearted
    Half conscience
    Lurking in the dark
    I grasp at the feathers on sleep’s wings.... more »

  • Bitter Words With Myself

    I sit across myself in the diner
    The smugness that radiates from my face
    Sickens me.
    Do I feel the same about me?... more »

  • Children Of The Gods

    Long ago while the mortals slept
    Gods of old, scared of destiny
    Mingled themselves to children.
    Destiny’s wing passed them... more »

  • Poor Henry

    Sorrow swept across her face
    As the reality sets in that he will not be hers
    Death has robed her silently.
    As he slept he slipped into... more »

  • Sons & Fathers

    As he sleeps I stare into his face.
    So much like my own except the absence.
    Missing the years of guilt and pain
    Minus wear & tear that my face parades... more »