• Rap Rock And Roll

    It's come to my attention,
    A few things I'd like to mention,
    Like George Bush and 911,
    Do I have your attention?... more »

  • You Know

    You know that it's always the same, every time you play that game. However your mind can rest at ease, just think of a girl who loves to tease. There is nothing you can't do, everything is inside of you. Time and space that the governments want to control, is like putting a knife in Gods' soul. If you manifest the good things in life, there is no need to live on the edge of a knife. If you steal from the poor it'll bite you in the end. But if you turn from wrongdoing you'll know where how and when. Life is a gift not a chore. it's a choice not a place or an internal war. You can fly into the heavens to find what your looking for. But the only thing you'll find is God that's what he's there for. If you carry a broken heart you can heal yourself it's kind of an art. If your grieving over the loss of someone you love, you can be thankful that with faith they'll be one with him above.
    God bless the children of God, that means everyone even you!
    You clod.
    Sex is wonderful and something to look forward to, however don't let it consume you. you can hear wisdom calling waiting to be heard. You can see the spirit living in everything like a dove, a bird. To overcome the struggles you face, to save yourself from falling grace. I know the place where you should go. It's not far from here you already know.... more »