DB Dan Brown 20.02.1988


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Hi Dan! You never claimed to be a genius, though you really could. Be proud of your poems, they are really touching! All I'm ever trying to write, I find in your poems. You really are a great poet. Thanks for your poems! Keep writing ***Jools***
whatever you encounter on your path, Dan, i sincerely hope you find peace within yourself. Once you find that peace, people will identify that, gravitate toward it, and grow from your example. Jake
Tell u what, I know you probably won't want me to comment since I'm a female but ok, just a short one. I've read some of your poetry and I thought that you have great potential and I love the fact that you celebrate your life by writing. You have a wonderful personality, as shown in the poetry you write and I certainly look forward to more of them. By the way, I am currently studying literature for the 1st year but I'm already in love with it.
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