Poetry is the definition, or key to ones soul, and as a young one, i plan on taking a different route from what everyones doing, and interpret my situations through my writing.

The old poetry was 'different' to say the least, but as time takes its toll, the perspective i have for the world changes.I still have a long way to go, and throughout the so called 'maturity process', i'll keep writing, the situations, the scenarios, and the beauty i've yet to see.


Dan Caliolio Poems

Nightmares Can Get Quite Long

i'm down tonight, but everyone is safe,
from me overlooking
this operation,
from the view of the sharp... more »

If You Said 'Yes', We'D Be Dancing Along Bowling Alleys, With Coffee's As Champagnes!

we're at a new generation,
! halt...no, stop?
wait, Go!
green's for go,... more »

Hey, This Is New, Kind Of, Sort Of, Oh Well.

i'm a chemist,
and i'll sing this formula throughout your body.
i'd make your heart burst,
and i'd sing more lies.... more »

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Lance Caliolio 03 Jan 2019 01:26
He legit sucks... lol He's my brother
Amali Carvajal 20 Jan 2007 05:11
hey uncles<33 uhmmm i was luking for da english poem for da exit project and i jus joined and remebered u got one and yea lolz