• A Descent Down With The Crows



  • A Talk With Mrs. Lowell

    ‘I'm anywhere else in the world but home.
    I find home in suitcases, and duffle bags, far far away.
    To never land I'll escape, I've got no taste for disaster
    and I'm just a liar,... more »

  • An Angels Cry

    Sad to say, we lost our ways,
    as we sway, far away, from our 'baby days'.
    its when our walls turned to gray,
    and we became the biggest cliches, and fell,... more »

  • As The Dandelions Sing

    Baby doll, the taste of her lips
    gives me summer nights.
    84 degrees and counting 'I love you's' over phone lines.
    It's never too much to say... more »

  • Baby Turns Herself Inside Out

    Sometimes I get caught up in mess,
    You know?

    'Quote' Jazzy feet shivers.... more »

  • Believe Me When I Say

    I'm the raving misconception serving as ear plugs for the deaf.
    I'm the taste of respect laying on the tongue of each pulsation, every shutter, each scene.
    I'm the darkest wizard in your 'party scene'
    that would turn the butterflies in your stomach cold and heartless.... more »

  • Breathe August, Breathe...For Emily

    'And you know they say, nothing at all goes perfect like profanities.
    Emily, this is for you.I'll sing you your remedy.I know you know that My heart is like the bible. Just as fragile, the questions and answers pose for forever.But when you get better, you'll see this and know, that I'm still here, sitting, writing, shaking, bare bodily worried...
    but here.17 years old, and knee deep under your lips, your spell.
    Because I love you.This is yours.'... more »

  • Buy Me Remedies For This Summer Breeze

    Side A:

    And I'm walking, barefoot, as I'm numb from every part of my body. The balls of my feet touch bare, rough, solid cold concrete, and it's picking up dirt from every angle, because I'm dragging myself out of here, to somewhere else. I'm Exhibit A, on my shoulders? My best friend. We're eyeing the world with our baby blood-shots...and from what I'm seeing, an eagles eye don't compare to the spectrums of jumping, spinning, Warhol painted images our eyes witness.
    I'm shaking, and my boyfriends on hold...his killer smiles walking like turntables back in the 90's, jammed upside down.... more »

  • Ce Soir C'Est La Notre

    Doctor to patient: Has it ever occurred that Angels took breaths of danger, which had you going crazy, and as you fight and dig,
    they become the best sweet-talkers.
    and then
    you're caught, and you're done.... more »

  • Growing Young

    its Dan, and i'm writing, because i'm not going to sleep.I miss that sunrise, this sunset got too old.I need good Irony in my life.I need my Moon.I want the universe to implode and burst into fireworks, so we can say that this will be a happy new year...perhaps not.I lied.

    I say time should fall back, so the dandelions could fly and sing, to regress in all the happiness, because happiness is a privelege, or an incisive decision.maybe we all sleep because we want an excuse, to be sad, or to die faster.we're dying every second, and boy, if sleeping is fantastic, then dying sure feels great.but it doesn't.I don't know how its like, to die.but as soon as i fall asleep, I will.... more »

  • Hey, This Is New, Kind Of, Sort Of, Oh Well.

    i'm a chemist,
    and i'll sing this formula throughout your body.
    i'd make your heart burst,
    and i'd sing more lies.... more »

  • I Am The Dying Mans Poetry

    it's time to change everything.
    you didn't trust me.you killed me inside.
    anesthesia will help me..but your words will kill me.
    is it because i was jealous? i wasnt there to give you comfort.i didnt give you everything you wanted.... more »

  • If The Text Blinds You, Read Between The Lines

    As our tears touch the honest ocean
    My faith in you starts to break down acid
    I'm truthful and crying
    I'm the worst liar i know... more »

  • If You Said 'Yes', We'D Be Dancing Along Bowling Alleys, With Coffee's As Champagnes!

    we're at a new generation,
    ! halt...no, stop?
    wait, Go!
    green's for go,... more »

  • I'Ll Be Your Candle In The Wind, If You Be My Whirlpool

    To reconnect with lost treasure, and the fair maiden.
    I've got hold to my stairs,
    which stare,
    back there... more »

  • In Kelbie's Eyes

    You whisper 'City skies in Idaho tonight.'
    I think you're pretty, dressed in seventeen dreams
    From our candle lit dinner.
    You smile like you're dreaming; you're so well drawn,... more »

  • It's Quiet In The Suburbs

    Hey girl,
    shakey little Marionette! let me tweak you a smile for a nickel.
    i'm that puppeteer who has the world to offer.
    my carriage is nonetheless brand new,... more »

  • My Black Rose Dying

    so painless that i didn't feel anything.
    the poison inside my heart
    caught me on the rain.... more »

  • Nightmares Can Get Quite Long

    i'm down tonight, but everyone is safe,
    from me overlooking
    this operation,
    from the view of the sharp... more »

  • Nothing But A Mo(U) Rning Rush

    just in case a poet runs out of weapons,
    neither he or she can be lethal.
    like a shooting star casting away from the moon,
    neither these two things are dead brutal.... more »

  • One Moonlight Conversation

    and as the parade marches,
    the tides rise to believe matches are better than lighters.
    its not your everyday 'personification' when letter turn to numbers.
    so I need you to keep quiet and fly... more »

  • Plain Tears With A Rented Life

    if by chance the glass breaks... more »

  • Thanks For The Effort...Adapt.

    To our genuine feelings,
    'May you rest in peace...'... more »

  • The Blade Stutters To Kill Caustic Reality

    I was lonely 'till we met
    Driving down a dark, cold road, wanting to hear your heart beat.
    I guess I could've sent a message down your road.
    please, please tell me.... more »

  • The Epiphany

    it's the euphoria of this descent, and i'm running for the touchdown.
    but i'm stuck in slow-motion, my boy is cold, drunk, and drugged...
    i'm prying for pretend memories, and i'm tied in a line, which makes me the bait...
    to be the bait means to be broken.to be broken means to be shallow, but not desperate.... more »