• Life

    Living in a place of hell
    don't got no place to call home
    if i did it would be hell
    cause my life that i am... more »

  • Thank You Part 1

    Thank you for accepting me for me
    Thank you for being by myside
    Thank you for letting me being apart of the family
    Thank you for caring about me... more »

  • The Girl

    The girl is fine
    I wish she was mine
    She is making me lose my mind
    Let's dine... more »

  • The Life

    I am black
    cause i smoked the crack
    that just made me go wack
    just got done chewing skoal... more »

  • Untitled I Found It In A Book That I Liked

    Woke up this morning, feeling sad and blue,
    Woke up this morning, feeling sad and blue,
    Didn't have no body to tell my troubles to,... more »

  • Weed

    Weed Weed Weed
    We cut the weed
    We dry the weed
    We break up the weed... more »

  • When I Am Done

    When I am done I fall
    asleep waiting for death
    to come and get me.
    When I am done I know... more »