• ‘la Gotita De Agua’

    ... more »

  • A New Beginning To Life

    You have a long a road ahead of you.
    We all have a long ahead of us.
    Get ready for reality.
    College life will not be easy.... more »

  • A Son’s Wish

    Father, oh dad; I think of you often.
    I love you dearly. It’s clearly how I feel.
    I can barely feel the last thought of you.
    I merely know thee.... more »

  • Always Save A Prayer For Needy

    Under the stars
    Beneath the sky
    Near the lake
    The moon shines... more »

  • Bonding In Family Is Key To Happiness

    Kinship is the kind of membership
    & Partnership that should be idolized &
    Idealistically & preferential keep intact;
    For the sake of the relationship.... more »

  • Dame Solo Un Poco De Ti

    Papa dame tu cariño
    Tan inocente soy hoy.
    Dame tu amor Adonde esta tu conciensia papa?
    Ni una lata me has dado.... more »

  • Dare To Be The Light

    Smile a pile
    of Tiles of Smiles.
    Leave an imprint,
    Leave your stamp... more »

  • Daring Others

    Being from the projects,
    Nope, I wasn’t a ghetto soldier,
    Stuck selling myself onto drugs, gangs and prostitution.
    Just a self-fearing warrior,... more »

  • Dear God

    To keep plying to the lying is the ultimate deception of la la dream.
    I don't want to fool myself and others any longer.
    I could never be the next great one; but I'll continue battling as I was born to do.... more »

  • Dear Ian

    On October 25th, of 2003
    Saturday evening, right after class,
    Tired, tensed, and overwhelmed.
    Your mother called me with the notice of your grand debut.... more »

  • Embracing The Present

    Daring to make a difference
    Willing to challenge authority,
    Eager to face adversity, fight vs all forces,
    Learning to believe in self,... more »

  • Franciscan's Hospital

    Franciscans Hospital
    Dim thin lights
    Long white with endless halls
    Full of terror;... more »

  • From Heaven To Earth I

    From Heaven to Earth,
    An Angel came from heaven onto earth
    A shooting star ricocheted onto my path.
    To redirect, guide, embrace and protect me.... more »

  • From Heaven To Earth Ii

    From heaven to earth,
    You came and now you are gone.
    I thought, I would keep such flower.
    What, a sun-flower!... more »

  • From Heaven To Earth Iii

    From heaven to earth,
    Someone in the unknown;
    In the high mountains, shadowy valleys,
    Clouds loom;... more »

  • I Wish You Knew

    I wish you knew
    What I have inside,
    The love for you,
    I cannot hide,... more »

  • It Is What It Is

    Already it has been one day
    and I urge to see you already
    not too far away.
    I urge to touch you once again... more »

  • Locked In A Cell

    Locked in a cell,
    nowhere to go,
    sleepless nights,
    wondering and pondering... more »

  • Moving On

    Onto me came a gift.
    It brought such a soul lift. In my lifetime,
    I’ve felt a lot of drift rift.
    Unlike anything,... more »

  • My Second Trip To Mexico City, September Of 2000

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  • My Usual Walking Journey

    My Usual Walking Journey

    In order to expressed and not repressed
    Each walk is badly needed in order to feel refreshed... more »

  • Oh Beautiful

    Oh beautiful, oh Beautiful,
    How bountiful,
    You are plentiful,
    Always lighting up my day,... more »

  • One Dropp Of Blood

    One dropp of blood In the streets
    And already you can hear
    The tear of the cries and sense the pain
    Nothing more to gain.... more »

  • Overcoming Rejection

    The strong root of rejection
    Leaves a clear projection
    Of things to come and become
    Is not a feeling one should call home.... more »

  • Poems From Mexico 1999

    In every ending there is a beginning.
    The movement of 1910, started a new chapter.
    Benito Juarez, a good lawyer, who fought for the indigenous.
    A civil rights fighter, a biter for the truth vs the Catholic Church and injustices... more »