• Querida Mia

    Cuando te veo, eres como un resplandor,
    Un calor pero bien rico y tico.
    Caliente hacia mi y que calentura tan bueno siento.
    Muchas veces con ver los labios de fresa,... more »

  • Quisqueya La Bella

    If you are my heavenly god mother
    (mother of my earth)
    My god-mother, my heavenly father,
    My sweet tooth, what a boost!... more »

  • Redemption

    Once a man could not sleep a single tingle bleep.
    He felt like a lonely sheep.
    His heart could only beep beep and only meant one thing; flip flop, bip bop in the art of tip top of clip crop.
    Could it be his conscious going tin tin tin?... more »

  • Reflection Of Then And Now

    Born & raised in the hood;
    First established in 1964,
    South End Community Development
    Who helped renovate 83 abandoned buildings in Boston’s South End. Soon they merged with Greater Boston Community Development.... more »

  • Rock Of All Rocks

    Like a ocean wave,
    Friends come and go.
    It is the common trend.
    It seems to never bend.... more »

  • Running Again

    I lost it all by a second,
    Hurting inside real bad,
    I am a sad lad.
    I wish I had that one back.... more »

  • The Dream

    As the clock ticks down,
    Disappointment grows,
    Sweat drips down my neck,
    What a fulfillment this is.... more »

  • The Ultimate Dream

    To strive to the undriven

    And thrive to the ultimate realm of writing.... more »

  • Time

    Time is relative,
    Time is relevant,
    Time can irelevant,
    Time stands still against our will,... more »

  • Una Experiencia

    Un senor delgado, alto, bien fundado,
    Un dia soleado, seco, y todo tranquilo,
    El misterioso caminanaba despacito sin animo
    Al caminar al puente pudo reconocer sus faltas... more »

  • Untitled Poem I

    ... more »

  • Untitled Poem Ii

    ... more »

  • While Gone Away

    The Sun is done giving sunshine.
    The moon no longer gives light during the night.
    All the strength and might has been shrucked,
    Tucked away and godly dumped.... more »

  • While In Dunking Donuts In Central Square

    I see such platitudes amongst adolescents;
    Aggressiveness as a relentness tiger
    Times that vainly, sanely lingers
    Eyes of hunger... more »

  • Yellow As A Mellow Fellow

    Siulin Wong has made me a yellow
    As a mellow type of fellow
    Below the stars
    There have been many wars,... more »