• A New Beginning

    This is what it takes
    To relieve my aches
    My heart so strained
    Rarely contained... more »

  • All I Want For Christmas

    All I need
    All I want
    You with me
    Here right now... more »

  • All In My Head

    I vision these horrible thoughts
    So hard and deeply fought
    Fighting these miseries
    It's just my memories... more »

  • Appreciation

    To appreciate
    means to liberate
    To appreciate
    means to associate... more »

  • Because Of You

    I hate this feeling you gave me
    I hate the way you did this
    Because of you
    I am so lost... more »

  • Black Hole

    Sucking me in
    Drawing me inside
    Filling the sin
    Don't know where to hide....... more »

  • Boundaries

    So thin
    So small
    Like there not here at all
    Splitting us apart... more »

  • Burning Desire

    Your eyes on fire
    I can see the desire
    I can't believe
    What I see... more »

  • Contradiction

    Say what you want to say
    You'll do it anyway
    You did in the past
    But that was not the last... more »

  • Darlin

    Your my darlin
    Your my angel
    Your my baby
    I just can't help myself... more »

  • Don'T Go Away

    Don't go away
    You will seize the day
    Don't fall apart
    And go back to the start... more »

  • Downfall

    Your at the peak
    Can't control my fingers and feet
    Bringing me off of my seat
    Your so tall... more »

  • Falling Away

    You feel your at the peak
    Feeling like you have to be
    On the verge of falling....... more »

  • For You

    I would bleed
    I would cry
    I would die
    I would give up everything... more »

  • Forever More

    Forever more we shall fall to the floor
    Forever more we shall watch the poor
    The existence of a higher power
    Will topple those who may cower... more »

  • Gimme A Reason

    I've given all I can
    I've given up everything for a chance
    I've given up everything to be your man
    I've given up everything just for romance... more »

  • Hard Way

    Don't always look to ease
    Something may shock you
    And cause you to freeze
    But in the end my heart knows whats true... more »

  • Headache

    All these things thrashing about
    All these noises being so loud
    I think I'm gonna shout
    If these things don't stop... more »

  • Headspin

    You make my headspin
    Round and Round
    You make my headspin
    Til I hit the ground... more »

  • Hidden Desire

    Kept in secret
    Kept in one entity
    Witheld from vision
    Witheld from decisions... more »

  • I Alone

    I alone show my true colors
    I alone show my strength
    I alone love my brothers
    I alone strive to great lengths... more »

  • I Know

    *Written for girlfriend on Valentine's Day*

    I know it's real looking into your eyes
    I know it's real and it's no surprise... more »

  • I'M Waiting

    Here without poise
    Here without noise
    The fading voices
    The growing choices... more »

  • Imagine

    Just imagine if everything went oppostite
    Of what you wanted it to
    You don't have to imagine it
    Because it happens every day... more »

  • Infected

    Consumed in this deception
    Propaganda gives warm receptions
    We are infected by power
    To stand alone and tower... more »