• If They Could See

    If they could only see,
    What their words have done to me,
    They might regret it,
    Or not have said it.... more »

  • The Depressed And The Truth

    When things in life are tearing you apart,
    People can see what's on the outside but not in the heart,
    When despair draws it's hand near your soul,
    Hope flees you and you no longer feel whole.... more »

  • The Final Days

    Death, Hell, Choas and Fear,
    Things that will draw very near,
    The end of time is on it's way,
    For it could come at any day,... more »

  • Thoughts

    Silence finds me again today,
    Among the chaos and Disarray,
    Pondering about thoughts unclear in mind,
    For which answers, one day I’ll find.... more »

  • Tuning Out The World

    Mp3 player turned up loud,
    To block out their profound,
    Words that hit close to heart,
    Breaking it into a thousand part.... more »

  • What I Am

    I am The Shadow, The Loner, The Freak,
    The one of which people rarely ever speak.
    An invisible friend, shadow on the wall,
    Will I ever be acknowledged at all?... more »