• 24/7

    Monday was the day i met you
    Tuesday was the day i hugged you
    Wednesday was the day i liked you
    Thursday was the day you liked me... more »

  • All I See Is Gold

    Only one man stands between him and gold
    That one medal he's always longed to hold
    Better than any he's ever won before
    This moment is what he lives for... more »

  • Buddy's Poem All Credit Goes To Him...

    I've decided to give up today
    On what I've tried to start
    Passion fills my memories
    And failure fills my heart... more »

  • Can'T Let Her Go

    I feel like someone swoops down
    And cushes me with pain
    But yet i still love her the same
    Nothing will change the way i feel of her... more »

  • Confusion

    I would watch you pass through the hall
    And be like ole' what have I missed
    Its been so long since I've kissed
    I want to love her... more »

  • For You

    A whole year has gone by
    And I finally stop thinking of her
    I come back for a new year
    And ready to face a new fear... more »

  • God's Light

    Wishing this light would be brighter
    The devil's pulling me down with all his fire
    Let the love from jesus shine straight through me
    Let his almightiness transform and undo me... more »

  • Heart Broken

    Are you heart broken like me?
    Even though you said we'd no longer be... more »

  • I Cant Go On Without You (No Good But Oh Well)

    I cant go on without you
    I dont care what you say
    What I say is true
    I love you in every way... more »

  • I Miss My Best Friend

    Weeks have passed
    And i miss my best friend
    It hasnt been the same
    Since everything crashed... more »

  • I Miss You So Much

    It all started at leadership camp
    At first I thought you were like the other tramp... more »

  • Just For You #2

    I don't want it to ever end
    All because you're my best friend

    Through rain and wind... more »

  • Letting Go...

    Picking a side was the hardest thing I had to do
    Knowing I must live this life without having you
    Fingers shaking more than my heart ever could
    Beautiful, you are, right in front of me you stood... more »

  • Living In Regret

    My biggest regret in life is that when I saw you with him
    I should have told you to take my hand
    Take the chance of falling and failing
    Jumping and living life with no regret... more »

  • Memories

    I'm in love with a memory that won't slip out of my fingers
    Its hard to let something go after so long
    Every piece to the story starts out great
    But ends with pure chaos... more »

  • Purple Orange Yellow Blue

    Purple orange yellow blue
    All leads to I love you

    Purple cant change the way I feel... more »

  • The Fear Of Me Is The Terrified Pain

    im affraid of you doing what you do best
    please dont put me through this again
    i went through it once before
    and im done getting hurt... more »

  • The Love Thats Blocked

    Being able to see you
    And know i cant have you
    Is the worst pain you can feel... more »

  • This Town Only Brings Me Down

    What the hell am I doing in this town
    It's been so long since we went down
    Trying to stand up only facing the crowd
    Can't move or hide no turning around... more »

  • True Love

    True love is hard to find
    You think you found it
    But then sudenly she breaks ur heart
    You try to think its better off this way... more »

  • Wrestling

    For that split moment
    all hunger is gone
    and all energy is back
    knowing i can do it... more »

  • You'Re Beautiful In Everyway

    No matter what you say
    You're beautiful in everyway
    Walking on the beach
    Is just one thing I can preach... more »