• Camel

    I remember when
    we took you from your
    raped you for hours... more »

  • Conversation Piece

    My life
    is poetry
    and chill
    I do not drink... more »

  • Preacher

    A colorful display of poverty
    congeals in the city I remember, surprisingly oblivious
    where a fickle sort of beauty dangles like a cord
    and key in tightened throats of meager folk.... more »

  • Smoking In The Cold

    Crying children
    aren't so big
    in the emergency
    No one wants to die... more »

  • The 11th Of March

    The romantic

    From the clouds they picked him
    bled him Three times... more »

  • The Door Creaks

    A smallish child sits in
    the stalling hinges of a painted door
    through weathered passage has been soundly
    floored... more »

  • The Outlaw

    These are lovely things we leave

    collecting dust, and careful-tucked... more »

  • Tinh

    She matches me

    —confrontation at a glance ‘n
    passing in that gaze residing under—... more »