Well. My name is Dani...Im 14...and I obviously joined this site because I love poetry. I have an account on another poetry site also...theres where all my poems are...so I guess Ill just transfer them to this one...hhmm..what to say what to say. Anyway, just message me if you wanna know more. I guess. Peace


Dani Miller Poems

It Was You All Along

I wish I was with you,
I feel so alone.
You make me so happy,
Though it never shows.... more »

But...Im Here...

You say you feel lonely
But baby I'm here...
You say you're an outcast
But baby I'm here...... more »

Im Sorry

I'm sorry if I confused you a little,
I don't want you to go through this assault.
Just a hint of pain in your voice,
And I know everything is all my fault.... more »

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