• ((Insiders))

    Our starry coulds and oeros,
    Are Things only we can understand.
    Climbing trees that look over lakes,
    And learning how to salsa dance.... more »

  • [ ] Bye

    I try to stray away from it,
    But it always finds me anyway.
    That dreadful goodbye will not
    Leave me alone.... more »

  • A Different Kind Of World

    We have been in this world for so long,
    That we know whats around every turn.
    We know it is either good or bad
    And never in between.... more »

  • A Silent Emotion

    These days I feel like I can write.
    Well of course I can write,
    I mean I can write about anything.
    Although for me no more of those,... more »

  • Awakening

    Awaken from your current state,
    Slip out of your sin for a while.
    Come and listen to what I have to say;
    This may change your entire life.... more »

  • Believing The Lie

    So this is what I plan to do,
    Sit here and let my feelings pour out.
    Pour onto the page one by one,
    Untill I cannot find a place to write.... more »

  • But...Im Here...

    You say you feel lonely
    But baby I'm here...
    You say you're an outcast
    But baby I'm here...... more »

  • Cancer's Tears

    I come to you humble and broken,
    Greatly affected by Satans tricks.
    Please don't take him away from me,
    This I know you can fix.... more »

  • Candlelit Memoirs

    They say that your eyes are a window.
    A Window to your soul; to all that is within.
    But how come when I look into my own eyes,
    I see a flooded spring; spewing out tear after tear?... more »

  • Candlelit Memoirs- A Dreamers Nightmare

    Knees pulled up to my chin,
    And my eyes are blood-red.
    I don't want to look like this,
    But I wish I had a choice.... more »

  • Candlelit Memoirs- A Dreamers Reality

    I saw your face; your eyes locked with mine.
    My face almost cracked from the smile I created.
    I hugged your neck and cried my tears of joy.
    I never let you go neither out of my sight.... more »

  • Crying Myself Into Nightmares

    I dread walking into my room tonight,
    And trying to go to sleep.
    Because I know that I will lay awake for hours,
    And I will only have power to weep.... more »

  • Dreamality

    A Shiver down my spine
    And a moment of Shock,
    Two pulse rates that
    Seem to interlock.... more »

  • Emotional Murder

    So, a normal convorsation turns.
    Turns into something more complicated.
    Turns into a nice little story.
    A story that will change everything.... more »

  • Except For You

    Knowing that all I can do is sit here,
    And feel the pain cutting like a knife.
    The sharp blade breaking my skin,
    And sucking out all the life.... more »

  • Forever

    I dont really know where to begin
    So I can tell you how I feel.
    I dont know how to explain this
    So you won't get the wrong idea.... more »

  • From The Beginning

    I want to thank you for being there.
    You were there through everything.
    You came at the exact right time,
    Came right at the beginning.... more »

  • From The Bottom Of My Heart

    I see you writing about other people
    Though I have never seen anyone write about you.
    I hear the way you talk about your family,
    And you really love us don't you?... more »

  • Happiness, Love, And Doubt

    Did you see that? Oh please tell me you saw it
    So I won't think I'm going completely insane.
    I swear it was there, yet you say it wasn't.
    Well I guess you just dont have the faith... more »

  • Im Sorry

    I'm sorry if I confused you a little,
    I don't want you to go through this assault.
    Just a hint of pain in your voice,
    And I know everything is all my fault.... more »

  • It Was You All Along

    I wish I was with you,
    I feel so alone.
    You make me so happy,
    Though it never shows.... more »

  • Locked Away

    I smile, I laugh, I make jokes,
    I forget everything else in the world,
    The best hour of my life;
    Gone after I think of my life.... more »

  • Mixed Thoughts

    Oh god why do I have this sick
    Feeling inside of me once again?
    The feeling that Im doing something wrong,
    The feeling that everything that... more »

  • Never Let Go

    I knew that I loved him.
    I realized it a while ago.
    I thought Ive loved people before,
    This is alot different though.... more »

  • Out Of Ink

    I pick up my pen and think,
    *What should I write about today? *
    I try to think of what I'm feeling,
    But nothing comes to mind.... more »