• Desolate Place

    I’m your desolate place;
    Come here to me.
    You’re love is my place of worship;
    Come be my eternal savior.... more »

  • Die For You

    I will die for you;
    You don’t know I’m ready for die;
    If I be alone,
    If I don’t have your eyes.... more »

  • Dont Cry

    Clean your cry
    Because I want
    Cut sorrow head... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you
    As strange soil gentle feels
    I love you
    As flower smell in spring... more »

  • Last Try

    This is my last try, for having you
    Believe me, don’t do badly about me
    This is my last entreaty
    How much you want break me?... more »

  • Life....

    Yes, that is our life story
    Love and leave
    Two words start with same letter
    And finish with same too... more »

  • Lonely Life

    Take your nostalgia
    Put in my heart.
    My shouldered is your haven
    In this hard way... more »

  • When Burial Me

    When burial me
    Say to her doesn’t come to me.
    Say to her I am in travel
    And don’t have telephone number... more »

  • Without You

    I don’t crying
    To this bad nights
    With out you…
    Don’t want someone... more »