• A Modern Truth

    A girl I once knew of beauties born,
    But poison was she, and full of scorn.
    The heart was right and depth within
    But shallowness was all that shone.... more »

  • A New Day

    Shadows of yesterday cast no light
    Cause, forth into frey by morning sight
    Heathen, beast, charlatan and foe
    A new dawn of Sapians forgotten woe... more »

  • Life's Undulations

    The undulations of life find me sitting here,
    Like hills in the peaks, rolling on until the end.
    For now I'm alone, sad and full of un-cheer,
    But, a light, my thoughts offer to lend... more »

  • Light Overpowers The Dark

    Weep for the bleeding earth and its masses,
    For its pointless inequality and unendurable 'classes'.
    For the stupidity of war,... more »

  • Poetic Justice!

    What life giveth, can be taken away
    Only a strong will can sometimes make stay.
    The pleasures you work so hard to acquire,
    The good times you have to admire... more »

  • Solace.

    It's funny how some of our misery
    Is caused by man made impurity:
    Like money debt and promescuity.
    Man made constructs... more »

  • Soul To Take

    Not friends have I, that I can bare my soul
    Yet in these words I can allow
    Why? Why don't I have people to confide?
    I used to, perhaps it's my pride.... more »

  • Superficial

    What do you want?
    What do I want?... more »

  • Sweet Poetry!

    To read a poem bares their soul,
    O' love, o' hatred, o'death, o' thought,
    It's within the words in which we are taught,
    In these readings I become nigh owl.... more »

  • The Man With A Short Attention Span

    So the story begins..
    Once upon a time...
    On a fine summers day...
    This friend of mine...... more »

  • Words

    The greatest invention of the human race
    Isn't the wheel, the Internet, money or trade.
    It's words.... more »