• Another One About A Journey

    What do you want?
    I don't know how to please you people anymore.
    In fact, I never knew how to please you.
    You want something deep and existential? Here, gorge yourselves, ignorant of gluttonies price:... more »

  • He Had It All

    I had this job once.
    I was so young.
    I could still look forward.
    Not like now,... more »

  • Little Books With Golden Spines

    I won't pretend to talk about how time slips away.
    I never called you.
    I never talked to you.
    Because I never had anything to say to you,... more »

  • The Death Of Print

    Dear God why O' why must you die?
    I'm not ready to see you fade from shelves.
    Will not the world let out a cry?
    A cry for art and for themselves.... more »

  • The Love Songs Of Rain And Tin

    When I was a boy we never had a tin metal roof;
    The rain never sang to us.
    But she had a tin metal roof,
    And she loved to listen to the tumultuous songs of the rain on that corrugated tin.... more »

  • The Next Great Poet

    So, I wanted to be the next great poet.
    I wanted to encapsulate the American zeitgeist.
    Hell, the world's zeitgeist
    And I wanted to do it with savoir faire and elegance.... more »

  • The White Man And His Imperialism

    Think you that there is no savagery amongst our kind
    We are born of the snows
    We sprang like wraiths from the coldest north
    And made our fires to keep warm... more »

  • What Do They Know?

    They tell me my poetry lacks classicism.
    This is for that eternally ambiguous "they."

    Tonight in the heat... more »