• A Picture Of A House At Beit Jala

    He has to return to shut that window,
    it isn't entirely clear
    whether this is what he must do,
    things are no longer clear... more »

  • Dance Of Terror

    Window panes come crashing down
    Amidst the tears and pain
    Vanishing hopes are gone and flew away
    Up above through twilight... more »

  • Fighting For Freedom

    Soldiers are people,
    Men and women too,
    Soldiers are people,
    Just like me and you.... more »

  • Friendship

    When you feel sad and betrayed
    Who can you count on every single day?
    When you feel lost and alone
    Who will be there for you in every way?... more »

  • My Gift To You

    I live through my dark existence
    only to bask in your beauty
    your eyes that shine like sapphires
    your smile that brightens even my sad existence... more »

  • On The Wings Of A Butterfly

    Your friendship is special
    Like the flowers that bloom,
    Or when a butterfly emerges
    From within its cocoon...... more »

  • Somewhere In The Night

    Somewhere in the night a child cries,
    A woman weeps and someone dies.
    Somewhere in the night, humanity hides.... more »

  • The Forever Friend

    On my own, but mostly the savannah,
    Where the tumbleweeds fade away and die,
    Before the glassy sun burns a summer of crystals,
    The glistering waters of the high seas... more »

  • When You Love Someone

    When you love someone so deep inside,
    It seems like it's so easy to hide.
    You've loved him for so very long,
    You would think he could do no wrong.... more »