• ***forever And A Day***

    It was cold and frosty morning, when I woke up
    On a mid summers day,
    When all the things in my mind caught up with me, with
    So many words and images they had to relay... more »

  • ***our Loves Birthmark***

    We made a mark on October 3rd, between you and me this was the birth but this to me was the start of our universe,
    This day it all began, one day one place we came together me and you, a day with a birthmark that reminds me of our love you loving me and me loving you

    January, February, march, April and may half way there to that special date... more »

  • ***the Day My Baby Brother Died***

    I remember that dreadful morning,
    Waking to the beast,
    Time had stopped, the news reckless
    A beautiful boy amazing but deceased... more »

  • ***the Drying Of An Oceanic Mind***

    My sea’s evaporating,
    and it comes as no surprise
    always stays the same,
    an explosion of the mind... more »

  • ***upon The Table***

    I hear your whispers,
    Sssh don’t make a sound
    Upon the table…., the label
    Will slow down the crowd... more »

  • *-*a Government Ode Too You*-*

    Taken is the time, to make intense the mess of what they are today,
    Break them down with loneliness and cast out an empty helping hand, which in turn is a stage on which we direct there play, and as we had planned, they stay divided, with no holding of each others hands.

    Sail them home with debt ridden stress,... more »

  • **dueling Duality**

    ... more »

  • **everything Is Broken*

    Making lies
    Breaking society,
    Straining strings
    Lost sobriety;... more »

  • **nature's War**

    Watched but unaware, that I flow
    Right passed, underneath the shimmering still
    Which lay upon my upper where
    You stand before me with your stare... more »

  • **pink Ribbon Black**

    I’m a restless and corrupted one
    Hoping for eternal darkness
    And an end to they bright shining sun... more »

  • **pit Stop At The Subconscious Station**

    Pit Stop At The Subconscious Station

    Our world’s a soft type perfume,
    One worn close but gone by the falling of morning dew,... more »

  • **reds**

    Red dress, red shoes,
    A dancing moonlight reflecting from you
    A diamond laced necklace, so cheap but expensive
    Shining on through,... more »

  • **sky Dreams***

    When I look to the sky,
    I see a truth restrained
    When I look into my mind
    I see the shadows still remain... more »

  • **the Closed Doors Conundrum**

    The Closed Doors Conundrum

    Given a chance I could be somebody,
    I’m hoping as I’m pacing the floor, that I can be somebody more,... more »

  • **way Of The Whys? **

    Seahorse’s rise and fall
    Oceans rise and turn
    As the old pass by & the new does call
    New spirits born as old soul’s burn... more »

  • **you Say That You Know Me…**

    You think you know me
    Just because you know my name,
    You think you’ve seen me
    Just because you know my face... more »

  • *a Beauty Bliss*

    I shouldn’t look I shouldn’t touch
    But your beauty does entrance
    A mind that searches from first glance
    To end attraction that cannot start... more »

  • *a Dreamy Wonder*

    When I fall into my land
    Of slumber, I come across
    My mind and in this place
    Of dreamy wonder, I am... more »

  • *a Flaming Arrogance*

    An internal fire burns,
    Lights my life & is in all I learn
    Fallen victim to pure dis concern,
    I pull back the boundaries, to see between the lines... more »

  • *an Unmistakable Void*

    The day you left I followed you
    And I'm calling,
    I miss this lady now I’m falling
    And I’m hurting,... more »

  • *analgesic Angel / Parallel Angel**

    I love to be free, among the clouds
    And dancing,
    It is here, where I meet with you,
    Among the clouds romancing.... more »

  • *analgesic Angel*

    I love to be free, among the clouds
    And dancing,
    It is here, where I meet with you,
    Among the clouds romancing.... more »

  • *and It Was Her That Made Me Surrender Part 1*

    This life; was never want I wanted or even ever needed,
    But then that taste was all that I ever needed, all I ever wanted
    And it was her that made me surrender... more »

  • *and It Was Her That Made Me Surrender Part 2*

    Her taste, what an other worldly pleasure was
    All I ever could’ve wished for an unearthly treasure
    And it was too me that she surrendered... more »

  • *barrel, Of A Loaded Gun*

    Can you help me…, a lost soul on the run?
    I’ve searched everywhere but heaven
    And the end of my road has nearly come
    I can’t go back and there’s no where ahead... more »