• Driven (Episode 1)

    When something has been taken from deep inside of you
    The pain becomes a secret that you keep locked up in its place
    It’s a wound so deep they never show the never go away
    You try washing away the stain but it never ever fades... more »

  • Dying Is Mot Much Of A Living When Your Young

    The prescription pills, they comfort me
    Telling me not cry,
    no-one says a prayer for me as it’s
    Midnight I now close my eyes,... more »

  • Empty, Broken, Shattered, Scarred, Scared, Fight, Turn, Time

    Empty, empty man,
    Empty, empty hands
    Empty, empty promised lands
    Ha ha charade you are... more »

  • Euphoric Despair

    I can’t get up when I'm down,
    In this sea of misery, no I can’t swim
    But my soul, oh no, it won’t drown... more »

  • Everyday Is A Lonely Day

    Nothing ever shines bright
    Or even ever goes right, In my life
    No one ever cared
    That no one ever shared my day... more »

  • Everything Is Broken

    Making lies
    Breaking society,
    Straining strings
    Lost sobriety;... more »

  • Fallen

    Misery self harm and bleeding
    But it’s what no one should know’
    In my mind falls down araining
    And it’s as freezing as the snow... more »

  • Falsified Truths/ Damage To Repair

    The roar of raindrops fills my mind
    Moonlit desecration stretches beyond my sight
    As storm after storm boils inside... more »

  • Father, Waken

    Father, wake
    Look at the days, time for a change
    Father, wake
    Scary scenario, time for a change... more »

  • Fight The Good Fight

    When the days grow shorter and the length of night draw longer
    It feels like your lost in time,
    And when you cant tell right from wrong they say, you beg for another day
    But you got to read between the lines... more »

  • Flower Of The Wind

    Who can say where our winding roads shall go
    Who can say how love will strengthen and grow

    Who are those to say where our hearts can go whilst... more »

  • For As Long As I Remember,

    For as long as i remember,
    Looking out my windows,
    Always trying to find the sun, knowing its somewhere around
    Clouds are forming confusion,... more »

  • For Them

    Let me apologize to begin with
    Let me apologize for what I’m about to say.
    As I never knew this potion was poison
    But I can live another day... more »

  • For You Gave Me Love

    Before I met you, there was always one thing I couldn’t perceive,
    Something for stories and movies to portray, love was just a dream and
    Just like miracles I thought it must be make believe, it’s hard to feel something I’d never seen, but now every morning I find faith, when you’re waking up next to me... more »

  • Forever And A Day

    It was cold and frosty morning, when I woke up
    On a mid summers day,
    When all the things in my mind caught up with me, with
    So many words and images they had to relay... more »

  • Forever In The Heavens Above Tonight

    Tonight I lay silently awake in the stillness of drenching moonlight,
    Arching rays beam through my window, shards of silver fragment
    Upon every surface it falls,... more »

  • Forever Is A Clear Blue Sky

    Weeks go rippling by,
    I've been searching the days for my baby, ,
    Brown leaves have started falling,
    Showing autumn the way.... more »

  • From The Waterfall Begins The Unfurling

    Deep inside a waterfall,
    Far away cascading of the edge of the earth
    I hear the echoes of the solar system call
    Underwater we thoughts can breath... more »

  • From Yesterday It Comes

    He’s a stranger at home,
    He’s a vision too none
    He can never get enough
    Get enough of the one... more »

  • Frozen Moments

    As I sit here separated, but together
    Drowning behind the embers of bridges broken\burning of old
    Thinking of all the good thing and bad thing
    I’ve done,... more »

  • God The Devil Are In Fact Me

    Here comes the fire, one so unstable
    I know it chasing racing and killing me in pain,
    But yet no-one is talking there just walking on by
    I raise a voice and the police come cuff me again... more »

  • Gracious

    reverberate the sound of my calling
    and i will answer
    the call with grace... more »

  • Heated Mistaken Moments

    I never meant to be so bad and loose a clue,
    A grinning grin that hid distaste had escaped
    It was something I never planned as a thing to do,
    I wiped that beautiful smile from you face, adieu... more »

  • Hello Hello Hello

    Hello hello hello
    Can you hear me?
    Hello, hello hello
    Is the anybody in there?... more »

  • Help Me Find A Way

    All my life I've been waiting for me to bring a fairytale my way
    So much more I have to say, help me find a way
    For I don’t feel safe, I’m broken fleeing despair
    I don’t think you know how it feels to be left in life alone the coldness of tears... more »