• Moments, Moments

    The look of the moon
    A breeze in the still of the night
    Are moments becoming memory, soon
    Just like the past tears that I’ve cried... more »

  • Monolithic Loss

    Here’s a sheet of marble,
    For you to ignore
    Engraved upon are my ghosts demonic,
    Come and carve your name upon it... more »

  • Moonshine Flight

    My eyes widen as the moon rises above the hill,
    No landscape just the rolling sky, almost like sorcery
    My wide spread lids hide from moonshine it’s so surreal
    The ten thousand faces Grinning back at me... more »

  • Mother, Waken

    Mother awaken,
    Look at these days, it’s time for change
    Mother awaken,
    Let us feel the shake of the earth and of every brush... more »

  • My Best Friend My Brother - Rest In Peace Little Boy

    my best friend my brother

    I only ever wanted you to see tomorrow
    I only ever wanted to take away your pain,... more »

  • My Gorging Shadow

    To fit the crowd
    I buried my dreams
    Under the ground
    And now I feel,... more »

  • Near Eviction

    Little by little we fade away
    The human race headstone, above an early grave... more »

  • No I Don’t Mind Being On My Own

    By the roadway, it’s a lonely place
    And it’s where I seemed to lose my feet
    In the distance, sits a town on a hill
    But the sun keeps coming up and going down... more »

  • No Sacrifice

    Love is a surprising land,
    Hate is found esily by many
    But love on by a few
    It seems people need sacrifice... more »

  • No Substitute

    I want you, only you and no substitute,
    i want in from the cold, but you don't say much
    so i cant hold what i have not touched.
    i thought i could be free happy alone, but i lost pace... more »

  • Northen Lights

    In this world we’re nought but dancers,
    We miss the angels and clasp only playthings
    We treat each other in scores of separate ways
    It’s us that put my soul in jeopardy... more »

  • Oh I Wish We Could Be Falling In Love

    If every morning could be a Sunday
    There would be an escape of the heartache
    Cos I’ve fallen in love
    Always better late than never,... more »

  • Oh It’s Such A Beautiful Thing

    Now all our tears have reached the sea,
    I leave you alone and beached,
    New winds are gonna find my sail
    Sailing too the new days that lay ahead for me... more »

  • Oh No Look At This World

    Oh no look at this world,
    Kids killing kids, “I hope their parents are proud
    Well pull your head out the ground and you will find
    This is a problem but your ignorance is the crime, it’s rife... more »

  • On A Raft Of Panic And Anxiety

    The morning sun is rising,
    It must be that time again,
    The setting in of the enveloping pain
    Cold breezing in through the window... more »

  • Our Misconception

    Without a dream
    Its hard to be,
    In our cold and callous
    World of fallacy... more »

  • Our Sharing Smile

    When we live in this life and sharing a smile can be so far from home,

    Everyone’s conjoined; together alive but we are alone, and its making me lie.... more »

  • Outside My Window.

    I bolt the locks on both windows
    I draw the heavy curtains shut
    I strain my neck and turn away
    Wishing all solutions, could be as so simple... more »

  • Pace

    Im walking
    im walking
    im walking
    but to where? ? ?... more »

  • Page 1 One From Lifes Novel

    Can I write on this page?
    And give it my heart, my love and soul
    And tell it, it’s all my fault
    That I can’t write, write the life,... more »

  • Paradise On The Otherside

    A mirrored reflection from a paradise shore
    On there wave of clouds i surf and soar
    Falling off over myself i hope no-one saw
    Landing in paradise but i know theres more... more »

  • Pit Stop At The Subconscious Station

    Our world’s a soft type perfume,
    One worn close but gone by the falling of morning dew,
    What are we suppose to do come the morning? grind on, or go on and repeat the mundane,
    Or slip on by and take everything away,... more »

  • Please Kill Me

    I'm the voice inside my head and I can’t hear,
    I’m the bones beneath my skin and yet I’m broke
    I’m the tears the refuse to fall,
    I’m the one family forgets to call... more »

  • Pointless Expansion

    Building bridges on sandy shore
    Breaking boundaries even more
    Too meet new nations and then ignore... more »

  • Pretty Crimson Wires

    My heart is in my mouth,
    Frightened by these dreams.
    Every night my knife it seems to be
    Prying deep into my seams... more »