• A Love Lost To Time

    ... more »

  • Another Urge

    From spears and hatchets they held in palms
    Came muskets, machine guns and atom bombs
    In rank and file they did emerge
    For a crumb of bread or another urge.... more »

  • Awaiting Life

    The fawn lies still, in the grass on the hill
    Awaiting life, or the life of another
    A jackal, an ant or the milk of a mother
    So savage, so serene, to lie perfectly still and to not be seen... more »

  • Crystal Blue Eyes

    I've written about her
    A life in a song
    I think not of her daily
    But all day long... more »

  • Empty Comment Box

    This is a poem about an empty comment box
    Don't look for it soon
    But if you do, and if you are not slow
    Just gather your thoughts and...please...... more »

  • Frozen Soldiers

    Iced up rivers rolling to hell
    Shivering souls greater than I
    The horse shit and gun smoke, the deathly smell
    Of a battle for the reason why... more »

  • Killer Whale

    The power of nature, best viewed from afar
    Like the hammer of God with a wrecking bar
    Because to be too close, is to know fear the most
    Not fear of death but a life that is toast... more »

  • My Fathers God

    I never knew my fathers God
    I do not know for sure he had one
    He is in heaven now but one could argue
    That he never left... more »

  • Somewhere In The Kitchen

    My dog built a spaceship
    My bird wrote a book
    Somewhere in the kitchen
    My crab is a cook... more »

  • Special Delivery

    Nothing sadder than the auction
    At a broken church, where religion is sold
    For a dollar or two
    Where often we're told... more »

  • Young Child

    Where were you young child
    When others played wild
    Galloping on clouds, swinging from trees
    Whispering in ears, screaming from bees... more »