• 21 Wishes

    My first wish a sail,
    To drift us away,
    Second no land,
    So the waters we'd stay,... more »

  • Antediluvian

    Rustling the tulips round the corner of a never-ending pasture,
    She's yearning for the grip of his palm as she chokes their buds,
    Wielding her locks rightly like the victor's plea in free tourney,
    She removes the homeward flower as it gently plunges blood outward,... more »

  • Bounty Hunters

    A great confusion towards the bounty of love,
    A million on its head or more,
    What are we to do but watch and squeal,
    As the bounty is completed,... more »

  • Cardinal's Wings

    Within a cardinal's wings,
    Our hearts they fly and bring a diamond ring,
    This love can only make her sing from the bottom of his own,
    The clouds up high,... more »

  • Carousels

    I hunger for sin,
    6 out of seven,
    Swallow all but my pride,
    Here's my switchblade into heaven.... more »

  • Caught You Under The Moon

    I see your face among a crowd,
    That swarms a beach under a flashing sky,
    Your smile so taking, your eyes so agleam,
    You're just a rose that sits carefree in a field of dandelions,... more »

  • D.D.R.R.E.U.A.G.M.S.S

    Smoke my dreams through a man-made leave,
    Inhale from the air a puppet,
    Quite thorough in words your highness observed,
    Exhale, then pass, they'll love it,... more »

  • Essex Evarissti

    We are one man held up on a cross,

    Staring down at a gate of one’s gold,... more »

  • For You... An Act Of Realization

    The wind rolling round a bending river,
    The waves tossing up the mist and down the woe,
    The brush held between a sunset and an abyss of beauty,
    The invertebrate hopping like young-lings of a play for ineffable purposes,... more »

  • Forest

    How birds flock along a crowded brush,
    A strength running with the wind in the darkness of a forest,
    The vibrato of a robin hidden behind a bushel of leaves,
    How God has blinked for such a masterpiece,... more »

  • Gargoyles Yearn Grotesque

    There is a mysterious twilight that shades my spire,
    So they may not see me from the corner of their eyes,
    I watch them dance a slow song,
    It swells round my lifeless ears perfectly,... more »

  • Grandest. Loveliest. Grand.

    Your tender blue eyes perform miracles through a break of magic -
    To prove science an eternal mystery -
    To burn countless colors across Andromeda and the Milky Way -
    To sprinkle stars across a moonless palette; all for its gleaming auroras...... more »

  • Half Empty, Half Full

    Grotesque minds that wind about the pillow
    barely shut my eyes to fade with some phantom in the twilight,
    Twitching thoughts in the back of my blinded retinas
    sing so unvertently with the stars that circle my head,... more »

  • Horatio's For The Caricatures

    Diffident tragedies lace threaded night skies
    with abstractions on pastels,
    Curiously the stars wane away towards the sun
    so said canvas is free of any notoriety,... more »

  • If

    If you are to ever trickle a touch of rain,
    I will hug you, hold you,
    Till I relieve the pain - loveliest honeydew...... more »

  • If Two Poets Love

    Two notebooks, opposite, kneel in prayer,
    Their words beckon a force that none other could hear,
    It is hard to make out with the nature of the rhymes,
    Or just the rushing description that passes each page,... more »

  • Insane

    My heart is higher than an eagle's breath,
    that falls yet flies like the mist from a waterfall,
    Each feather falls above tumult pageants,
    cavorting from the sky for the love of the wind,... more »

  • Jack And Sally

    Stitch my heart with the woes you've created,
    So it may let me know you love me,
    Your inability to feel in an impossible rumor,
    Because your eyes say otherwise,... more »

  • Jesters. Modernists. Nightingales.

    Young love in a sandbox,
    On a swing,
    Down a slide,
    Hand-in-hand,... more »

  • L'Amour Sous La Lune

    Birth our hearts to bloom,
    Pedals extending toward the moon,
    Each star above is full of love,
    And it's all for me and you,... more »

  • Light The Match To Start Up My Heart

    This feeling is much more than a heartache,
    It's much more than a burning desire to find gold,
    Because that something is nearest to paradise,
    Where our two hearts will forever grow old... more »

  • Living Gallant Rescuer

    Lying across a broken river,
    The bridge kneels beside the shoreline.

    My knuckles bleed steadily with the force I wield,... more »

  • Love Upon A Star

    The bars are at its peak, pinnacle, throne-
    My head perpendicular to my body,
    slouching with this rugged chair-
    Shuffle tune and tunes and-... more »

  • Merry Maudlin

    Credulous seclusions magnified in the womb of a daffodil,
    The tip of a blade creeps in the needles of a rising lawn,
    Ol' daffodil cannot flee, cannot hide nor fight,
    So in the womb She tries, oh She tries to depart... more »

  • Most Modern Moments Making Many Musicians Mad

    Hearts play in embers down by parched sounds,
    Trying to illuminate—hush.
    They dance in the fire by the shoreline that’s dry,
    Such a wonderful color—blush.... more »