Daniel Trevelyn Joseph Biography

born in tuticorin, brought up in madurai mostly but studied all over tamilnadu, parents were poor but simple and straight. was eldest of four siblings, and heavy as a capricorn, born on the darkest day of the year 21 december 1945.

studied english literature, and taught english for two years. got into ias, allotted to maharashtra cadre, and worked in government till some time ago. since august 2007, retired and working with some private companies in one or other capacity.

Used to write poetry (should say, verse?) in 1969, in 1972, then in 1996-97, and now took up in early 2008.
feel worried to tell others about this writing but this site I liked to refer to for getting some classical bit or other, and then got tempted to upload...and now it has been going on for a few months.

like to read gita, zen, osho, tao and matters which treat with things not material.

wife and daughter dont think much of either what I write or read...and others' opinion does not matter much I would say if you dont mind!

i am bald and bearded, and beard is gray except for black patch around the mouth! Baldness is complete, not one hair. you have to go round me to the back to see some hair on the back of my head!