• 04.08.2013

    Thought of Dedalus, then corrected
    To Icarus who flew close to the Sun
    Till his wings of wax melted,
    And he fell into the sea,... more »

  • 21st Of July 2013

    This morning the grey umbrella
    In the sky, trying to touch horizon
    Started melting with music
    Of little drum of raindrop - happy listening!... more »

  • 22.07.2013 Two Women

    Walking, I slipped on wet pavement,
    No landfall since I had an electric pole
    To support me - behind I saw two women
    Rather shocked and looking at my about-fall.... more »

  • A Dark Cloud

    Sitting on the eleventh floor, I saw outside
    And felt the part of a dark umbrella... more »

  • A Dream

    I am inside the moving car, thinking
    Death is certain if you lose control
    Over this speeding vehicle- and then,
    I wake up not knowing for a moment... more »

  • A Lazy Living Walk

    Yellow carpets across the full road
    As works-in-progress, with copper pods
    Themselves standing guard as weavers.... more »

  • Adjust

    “You tolerate, I don’t
    And that is the difference”, says she.
    “Because after nine or ten times, your tolerance
    Bursts its limits, and you lose temper... more »

  • After A Long Time....

    Walked on two sides of tennis court
    In the lane banked with yellow and pink flowers
    At the end I saw the squirrel
    On the tree branch with upturned tail... more »

  • After Retirement

    I have crossed sixty, attention is failing.
    Lights are fading, recognition decreases,
    I feel almost unwanted now and then.... more »

  • Age-Old Indian Problem

    Caste system is the best,
    One does what one is good in;
    Labels don’t matter: but skills
    And culture i. e. heredity matter.... more »

  • Agni-Garh (Fire-Fort) At Tezpur

    In Tezpur I am, the City of Blood,
    Also known as Sonitpur,
    The only place in which
    Shiva fought with Krishna,... more »

  • Air-Waves

    Monsoon rain started piercing sideways, wetting me
    On the sky-walk from Bandra railway-station end,
    Slowing down to watch the play of cool hard breeze
    On the falling raindrops at eye-level up from above:... more »

  • Alexander Selkirk

    Looked out of the window
    Up in the sky, the pariah kite
    Was hovering, standing a fitter
    Description: then moved sideways.... more »

  • Amazing Moment

    Arjun jumps backwards into water
    With his bow and arrow
    In clear waters searcing for the target
    Of the small moving fish above:... more »

  • Amidst Civilization

    Outside a mountain cave
    On a full moon night
    Surrounded by bamboo groves,... more »

  • Among Wordsworth, Coleridge And Ted Hughes

    Like the river in Kubla Khan,
    Gushing forth,
    From inside it arises
    Beseeching to be put out... more »

  • An Appraisal In Orange County

    I am sunning myself
    In my courtyard in Orange County,
    In our Private Pool Villa No 702
    Of the older part of the resort,... more »

  • Angel

    An angel on earth! Pah, where are they?
    They are fairy-tales or christmas carols:
    No evidence, not there: but only priests'
    Holy men's way of cheering and cheating.... more »

  • Anger Uncontrollable

    Like summer floods, it comes
    The jack-bean-stalking anger
    Rising in my mind, though rarely.... more »

  • Another Dream

    I am put up in a guesthouse room,
    Located above on three steps of stone;
    I enter, find only toilet, no bathroom,
    And in the centre, a big hole near which... more »

  • Anthology

    On edge of precipice, if have to,
    I go down without flicker or tremor,
    It is a burp that comes up
    Natural – and I am ready to die.... more »

  • Anwar In Dream

    The scene was clear
    The auditorium with persons
    And the representative of Pakistan
    Was reported to have arrived.... more »

  • Apartheit In Mumbai

    In our house it prevails;
    Divisions are clear,
    Rooms have to be kept closed
    For the cats cannot mingle, living... more »

  • April Morning In Mumbai

    The birds are gone;
    I can see only a lonely egret
    Not on Mithi river, but beside
    In a stagnant pool off western bank.... more »

  • Arbitrary

    I am in my Honda Civic car at Haji Ali:
    Boy of thirteen knocks on window screen,
    But I turn away from this beggar, sure,
    Not knowing how to go about it always.... more »