• A Dot

    I am a dot,
    a tiny dot,
    occupying this lonely spot.... more »

  • Chime Of Time

    People come, people go;
    Time comes, time is, time goes.
    I dream of a pasture there was once;
    but now no more;... more »

  • Confession

    For me tonight is but a night
    of a harlot's miser curse;
    that I may fight my shameful blight
    and test this latent verse.... more »

  • Could I....

    Could I compare happiness to sorrow,
    darkness to light,
    forever hate,
    and banish you form my sight?... more »

  • Darkness

    Among these silent rocks,
    darkness all about;... more »

  • Desire's Pain (Sehnsucht)

    Pale the leaves appear to me
    crackling below my shallow feet,
    slowly regressing for eyes to see;
    folding to the fate that each year repeats.... more »

  • Digging

    I'm sure that searching
    my soul I'd find,
    a little bit of paradise
    lost far inside my mind.... more »

  • Echoes

    Fly me to the moon;
    Fly me to the stars;
    Carry me on a whisper:
    hold me in your arms.... more »

  • Fluid

    Waterfall of doubts
    splashing on the misty shore.
    Ripples cradle me.... more »

  • Holding Tight

    I took a tear down from the sky,
    a tiny dropp from your pretty eye.
    I held it tight,
    it felt so true:... more »

  • Inspiring Sprinkle From A January Sky

    Let it snow,
    may it drop;
    quench my soul;
    please don’t stop!... more »

  • Life

    The first sunrise;
    the first moon;
    the last sought freedom:
    the sight of you.... more »

  • Never-Ending Lullabye

    I sit and lie;
    I laugh and cry;
    I see and touch;
    I smell and sigh.... more »

  • Once...

    I see you gleaming.
    I see you smiling.
    I wish you'd call.
    I wish you'd mind me.... more »

  • Rapture

    Your breath sends
    shivers down my spine
    each taught hair;... more »

  • Simple Feelings

    A simple caress;
    a simple touch;
    a simple kiss;
    no, that's too much.... more »

  • The Wait

    Watching out the window,
    assertive all around;
    caring to each brush and whisper:
    every sneaky little sound.... more »

  • To All Of Those

    To all of those I belong to
    for better or for worse;
    To all of those that stood by me
    to help me through; to fiercely curse.... more »