• A Mother

    A mother is more than a mother to me
    She has far more capabilities than the eye can see
    She is a friend, of ten times your only
    She can be that significant other... more »

  • Absence

    staring into me seeing you
    is what you best like to do,
    but you are so unhappy with me
    for showing you what you see.... more »

  • Black Black Butterfly

    Black Black butterfly flitting so
    Freely through the warm sky
    How you are so misunderstood
    And under appreciated... more »

  • Dream Guy

    Head in the clouds
    Searching the heavens
    For Mr. Right
    While lying next to him every night... more »

  • Frustrated

    My frustration will be the death of me.
    I can never escape her; there is nowhere I can
    Hide where she won’t see.... more »

  • Love

    Sometimes you hurt me so deeply
    Drag me down into the depths
    Of sorrow, smash my heart
    Into billions of pieces... more »

  • Money Shot

    The feeling was indescribable,
    but if she was forced to try and put his actions into words,
    they would sound a little something like this…
    insatiable was the feeling pulsating between her legs,... more »

  • On The Road

    Lost in uncertainty
    Lack of interest hurting me
    Surrounded by confusion
    Mind shrouded in delusion... more »

  • Serenity

    Every night you take me
    By the hand and lead me into
    A new world, The lovemaking
    Begins... more »

  • Silent Cries

    How many times can I cry silent cries
    Lungs overwhelmed by the burning
    Sensation in my heart. Eyes swollen from the
    Pounding of thunderous mind storms and... more »

  • Silk

    Passionate touches
    Chocolate kisses
    Silk perfection
    My body and soul on fire... more »

  • Someone Else?

    I think he wishes I were someone else
    Someone more, maybe someone less.

    He tells me all the time that he loves me so much... more »

  • Sunshine And My Rock

    Incandescence fills my soul
    And leaves my weeping wings
    Feeling relieved from the hardness of
    Life and love and lonliness.... more »

  • The First

    You are my first, maybe not my first lover,
    But definitely my first love.
    You are the first to make my soul quiver,
    To make my heart dance to its own beat, to make... more »

  • You Did It

    You did it…..
    You broke me…
    Body lying lifeless on the earths wet crust
    Cold, empty, destitute... more »