• A Wierd Feeling About You

    You told me that you loved me
    and that you would never leave me
    my mind actually decided to let go and believe you
    and give you the chance that you deserved to keep my heart... more »

  • Admit To Myself

    I don't want to admit to myself
    that I was wrong about it all
    and that i screwed everything up
    it wasn't something I wanted to happen... more »

  • All I Did Was Hurt You

    Trying to forget about someone
    while I'm still in love with them
    it doesn't work so much
    a few months back... more »

  • America Is Our Pain

    America is all of the pain
    inside people of it's own
    the only thing this world does
    is puts you through the worst pain... more »

  • Beaten

    you may wonder why some things happen the way they do
    why you get hurt all of the time
    in so many ways that you can't explain
    I used to always get beaten by everyone... more »

  • Because Of You...

    Because of you
    i now know what
    love, life, and what myself is.
    Without you I would have never known... more »

  • Believe

    everything in life
    brings a new beginning to us
    when you follow your heart
    for something you want... more »

  • Better Off Without Me

    this time it was different
    when I lost him
    my whole life was destroyed
    he used to be my everything... more »

  • Birth

    the day that you born
    will be the day that will treasure u forever
    your whole lie and everything that goes on
    will only be happening cause of the day you were born into this life... more »

  • Caring

    If you really care about someone
    you would do anything
    just to be with them
    every second of the day.... more »

  • Confidence

    You said that you would never leave
    but you set me on the ground
    and never come back for me
    I was stuck in the middle... more »

  • Controlling

    having someone else control my life
    helps it but also destroys it
    even though your just like someone else
    doesn't mean your going to do the same thing they did... more »

  • Crying

    I can never talk to you
    without my crying first
    atleast once during that point in time
    you have this curse type thing on me... more »

  • Danger

    I miss having you around me
    you always made me feel safe
    as if there was nothin to ever worry about
    you're gone now and my life is turning around... more »

  • Depression

    everytime I think of you
    I get depressed and I start to cry
    then I can't control myself
    its not the best thing in the world... more »

  • Destruction

    another day gone
    more destruction than before
    it never ends
    trying to fix it will only make it worse... more »

  • Did You Ever Stop To Think?

    You know I used to think I loved you
    now I just think you were using me
    until you found the girl you wanted
    and of course I let myself free... more »

  • Done Wrong

    I know i've done wrong
    a few things that are impossible to fix
    I still try to fix them
    with everything I still have... more »

  • Don'T Believe What You Hear

    When they say love counts
    you shouldn't doubt what you have
    in my own words
    from going through everything possibl... more »

  • Don'T Come Back

    ... more »

  • Don'T Give Me Love

    I have this pain
    that will never go away
    its not from my heart
    i'm done with love... more »

  • Don'T Give Up On The One You Love

    You never realize what you have
    until you made the choice
    to find out he's what I want
    though he left me... more »

  • Don'T Let Love Get In Your Way

    not everything will stay the same
    you may get in fights with your friends
    or you may love your friends
    no matter what happens... more »

  • Don'T Let Me Hurt Him

    He can't help me
    from the problems I made
    I don't want to hurt him
    he's so true to himself... more »

  • Dream

    Wanting something in life
    you think is
    something you're really good at
    its usually called a dream.... more »