• I'Ll Wait In Shame

    I imagine you are here
    with me to protect me
    from harmthat i'm doing
    i'll continue to pray... more »

  • I'M Not Her

    I still love you
    even if I can't keep you
    I hate how much pain
    and suffering I put you through... more »

  • Impossible

    now that they've all left
    and i'm all alone in this world
    I have forgotten what to do
    it's impossible for me to remember most things... more »

  • In My Dreams

    when I was younger
    I always used to dream of you
    although I didn't know you yet
    in my dreams it would show it all... more »

  • In The Cold Winter Night

    In the stormy night
    I wait for you in the cold
    hoping you will hep me
    be able to escape the rain... more »

  • Is It Safe?

    you may say you love me
    yet you continue to lie
    though im lost in though
    I cant seem to figure it out... more »

  • It's All Too Early

    I know iy's not the time
    for me to be falling
    in live with him
    it's too early... more »

  • It's All Too Simple

    ... more »

  • It's Too Early

    I know it's not the time
    for me to be falling
    in love with him
    i's too early... more »

  • Keep Forgetting

    I can't stop thinking of you
    yuor the thought that keeps me up at night
    the reasons I don't know what to do anymore
    i've forgotten a lot that i learned... more »

  • Keep Them Safe

    You never want to see
    a friend being put down
    being bullied for what they are
    or what they believe in... more »

  • Killing Him

    I keep making the same mistakes
    I do it over and over aigan
    I wish I would just learn
    how to be a better girlfriend to him... more »

  • Lead Me The Right Way

    ... more »

  • Leave The Past Out

    I told him I loved him
    when the truth was
    that I needed protection
    and he was the first to give any... more »

  • Leaving

    i've ruined so many lives
    i've destroyed mine in the process
    now I just wanr it to all be over
    I want to be done with this life... more »

  • Left Behind

    i've been sitting here all alone
    wondering if you're ever coming
    as i'm thinking of dieing
    you're running through my head... more »

  • Life

    A kiss
    is passion for love
    A hug
    is hopes and dreams... more »

  • Little Did You Know

    I know I can't be with you
    it's not a choice i get to make
    though little do u know
    I may be smarter than I appeal... more »

  • Losing Death

    Losing you would jsut destroy me
    more than I already destroyed on my own
    i would die just for you to stay alive
    you've got a good life that you need to live... more »

  • Lost Dreams

    losing something
    you really want
    it may hurt a lot
    just know that... more »

  • Lost Love

    when I first met you
    I thought you could change
    my life to something better
    but what I got wrong... more »

  • Memory

    Taking pictures
    living life with friends and family
    will always bring and make memories
    no matter where you are... more »

  • Messed Up

    messing up once is one thing
    when you keep doing it
    its something totally different
    this time i've messed up... more »

  • Messing Over

    I feel as if I never know what to do
    Im always messing up
    getting everything in my life wrong
    I just wish for once in my life... more »

  • Mistakes

    even though i've made mistakes
    this is how life was made
    I wish that I could fix it all
    faking something I don't have... more »