• My Heart

    I now have a broken heart
    from when i tried to give it to you
    although I didn't know
    you would never care for my heart... more »

  • My Intention

    ... more »

  • My Mistake To Him

    The longer I have to wait
    the more eager i'm going to get
    it's so hard to try to forget
    and just move on... more »

  • My Mistakes Won'T Change

    I know i've made many mistakes
    that I will never be able to change
    but knowing how much pain I have caused
    shows me how horrible I really am... more »

  • Mysteries

    life has all kinds of mysteries in it
    some mysteries are ment to be solved
    some aren't
    the one thing you should always know is... more »

  • Never Agian

    you said that you loved me
    I actually believed you
    the one chance I had you
    I ended up losing you... more »

  • Not My Mother

    ... more »

  • Not The End

    losing everything you ever had
    isn't going to be the end of the world
    you still have people who are there for you
    a long life ahead of you... more »

  • Not Wanted

    I'm stuck in this world
    were no one wants me
    and the people that sat they do
    they don't truly know me... more »

  • Nothing Matters

    not everything can hurt you
    only knowing how much pain you give
    means how much more you recieve
    no one ever wants to be hurt... more »

  • Nothings Ever Right

    Living in this house
    I can never have freedom
    everything I do
    seems like I'm a death trap... more »

  • Noticed

    I had noticed you weren't the same
    the feeling that you didn't want me anymore
    I got myself into something
    that I really didn't want to be in... more »

  • Once Left Alone

    you've shown me who you are
    you've shown me what your like
    telling me everything i want to know
    as i'm realizing how hurtfull life can be to others... more »

  • Ones Love

    my love is as strong as yours
    but in the end only one will win
    as for the fighting to continue
    we must learn to live... more »

  • Only Having

    i've ruined my chance's to get you back
    now all I can do is hope I don't lose you forever
    even though it's very possible
    I still might be able to get you back... more »

  • Only Trust Yourself

    you would tell me everyday that you love me
    there was only one meaning to that statement
    everything you have ever said me to was only a lie
    trusting someone like you wasn't being so smart... more »

  • Our Lord

    as long as you trust in him
    he will always be there for you
    he wont leave you there to be in pain
    he'll keep your mind set for what needs to be done... more »

  • Our Seperation

    I've lived wothout you
    though kept you in my mind
    you were never really with me
    just always in my mind... more »

  • Pain

    when someone you love with all your heart leaves you
    it's like they are leaving you in the dirt to die
    to suffer in your worst pain possible
    you're left their in the cold night... more »

  • Parents

    parents will help when you're in troulbe
    make sure you stay safe
    from people that will hurt you
    make sure to trust ur parents... more »

  • Please

    for everything i've done to you
    that; s ever hurt you
    in any possible way
    i'm very sorry for it... more »

  • Privacy

    ... more »

  • Questions

    ... more »

  • Reality

    Living a life
    is like living a dream
    which leads to reality
    to also something... more »

  • Regaining Strength

    When I lost you
    I lost all the faith I ever had
    losing everything made me realize
    I don't need someone to make me happy... more »