• Ruined

    you've crushed my once more
    I know I have ruined a lot
    I wish that I could take it all back
    be able to start over... more »

  • Saying Bye

    it's hard losing things you care about
    having to say to ones you love
    I never thought I could hurt this bad
    knowing the pain will continue... more »

  • Should He Really Stay?

    I told him I would do anything
    he ever told me to do
    now i'm not sure
    if I should keep him... more »

  • Smart

    the smartest someone can ever be
    is how smart they want to be
    you have to believe in your self
    with all your heart... more »

  • So Much Pain

    I've been in so much pain
    it'll never go away
    because all the pain I cause
    has always come back to me... more »

  • Someone Else

    I'e finally realized what i'm really doing
    i'm putting everone I love and care about into danger
    I may not be the best person in the world
    to some people I am the best... more »

  • Someone Out There

    I know this world doesn't want me
    though I can't stand to think
    that there might be one person
    in this harmfull world... more »

  • Stars

    Starts in the sky
    are like lights on Earth
    they brighten up the sky at night
    and amke the sky very beautiful... more »

  • Survive

    Drinking water
    eating food
    learning how to
    cook for yourself... more »

  • Tears

    Tears come from
    the heart
    when you are
    in love with someone... more »

  • The Hurting Never Ends

    I can't help thinking
    you hate me and want me to leave
    when i'm never sure
    what to say if you do... more »

  • The Hurting Never Stops

    The destruction the world will bring
    will never end
    i've tried for years
    for it to leave me alone... more »

  • They All Lie

    They can tell you they love you
    and will always care about you
    when their real meaning to this is always
    I love you but you can't stay... more »

  • They Do Love You

    ... more »

  • They Tell The Truth

    These dreams I had when I was younger
    they have come back to haunt me
    or pissibly help me out of this mess
    I'm stuck in this world that doesn't want me... more »

  • Thinking Of You

    thinking of you
    makes me cry
    from all the pain
    you have put me through... more »

  • This Planet

    ... more »

  • Thought Of Death In Your Arms

    I see you in my dreams
    I see you with the worst thing possible
    wishing it was me instead
    knowing you never really cared about me... more »

  • Today

    ... more »

  • Too Many Secrets

    I try not to show them my pain
    to not keep secrets
    from everything
    if they want the truth... more »

  • True Meaning

    you've become everything iever was
    you've shown me how to live life
    although you think you're ruining my life by controlling it
    the real truth to that statement is always the same... more »

  • Try And Find Love

    ... more »

  • Two Hearts

    two hearts
    remain as one
    just put in life together
    to make the love shine... more »

  • Understand

    I know i've been pretty bad
    it hurts to know you don't love me
    i've done a lot that hurt you
    you may not know what the truth is... more »

  • Understanding

    I wish I could show you
    all the feelings I have for you
    the things Ive imagined
    hoping one dat they might come true... more »