• Alone

    I feel alone no matter what
    With my friends I still don't feel home
    With my family I just want to hid
    As darkness surrounds me I move in to my corner... more »

  • Anger I Thrive On

    I have built it up
    I have let it flow
    Now its time to let it show
    Pushed between him and her... more »

  • Fading

    Im slowly fading away
    Although I want to stay I cant
    Death and life have both come
    All life will change except mine... more »

  • Falling

    I'm falling from the sky
    My heart burns and I don't understand why.
    The life I lead is great,
    Yet still I bleed from empty fate.... more »

  • Falling Apart

    I fell for you
    Yes this much is true
    But now I have to move on
    I wish you where gone... more »

  • Flood Of Blood

    Lying still I wait for it
    I cannot move I cannot see
    I know somthing has a hold of me
    I pull away I try to run... more »

  • Hatred (By Jennifer Hardin)

    Hatred blooms amongst fire and brimstone
    It looks around seeking a way out of Hell
    A way is found up and up it travels toward a new home
    Out it emerges free yet alone... more »

  • Inner Desire

    To be loved
    Friendships thats last
    To be care for by that speacial guy... more »

  • Life Without Love

    Life without you
    Is what I can’t pretend is normal
    It’s a life without love
    A life without trust... more »

  • Lonely Face

    The tears came as a flood
    revealing an ocean of pain
    and in the middle
    was a lonely face... more »

  • Love Or Just Lust

    Is it what draws us close
    Is it what tears us apart
    Is it really there
    Or is it our imaginations... more »

  • Moon

    The moon is a dimond
    in a sea of black glass
    floating amongst tiny silver crystals
    looking to amazing... more »

  • Sickness (By Jennifer Hardin)

    The sorrow overwhelms me
    As I watch you walk away.
    Such tragedy befalls you
    Yet you're still so brave.... more »

  • Star Light

    Star light, star bright
    Up there during the stary night
    Wish I may, wish I might
    Find a man thats just right... more »

  • Us

    Can you see us?
    standing alone,
    our face is hidden,
    our heart is blown.... more »