• Suicidal Ideation

    I hate life and I want to die
    No one around me seems to care
    How bad I hurt
    Maybe I will slit my wrist... more »

  • Agony Everlasting

    Why must this take hold of me again
    I thought I was experiencing happiness
    Over this everlasting sadness
    That often times leave me paralyzed... more »

  • Always There

    Today is another day when I feel like I don’t want to live anymore
    I have to deal with the same bulls**t that plagues me to my grave
    This darkness consumes me
    It devours my existence of what life use to be to me... more »

  • Bright Red Scream

    Have you ever been so numb
    You literally didn't have the
    ability to feel?
    Complete nothingness... more »

  • Broken

    I am broken beyond repair
    I feel so alone like no one really cares
    My thoughts turn dark
    My soul turns cold... more »

  • Damn You God

    Damn you for making me this way
    Damn you for my thoughts of death
    every single day
    Damn you for the sadness that... more »

  • Dark Sea

    I am swimming in the sea of darkness
    Stuggling to find my way to the surface
    I sink deeper and deeper
    As I struggle to hold my breath... more »

  • Death Becomes Me

    Death will be coming for me soon
    I can feel it make its presence
    Its rots my heart and destroys my soul
    Death doesn’t want me to see... more »

  • Deaths Dream

    The way that I am today, is no different
    from the rest
    Drowning in sin, darkened soul, lingering
    thoughts of death... more »

  • Episode

    I can feel it creeping up
    The hopelessness that turns my heart
    to ice
    I just want to float away in a river... more »

  • Eternal Escape

    Enters the girl who is sad and lonely
    Feels like she's living on borrowed time
    Waiting patiently for her life to end
    For her, this life has no meaning... more »

  • Flying High

    When you are euphoric
    You see things differently
    The world seems brighter
    Colors are electric... more »

  • Help

    I don’t want to live
    Why won’t this feeling ever pass
    I just want to die
    Why am I so empty inside... more »

  • Highway To Madness

    Panic turns to manic
    Scared was I before
    I love this feeling
    Of endless thoughts... more »

  • Invisible Soul

    Crowded mind
    I can't seem to get to sleep
    I keep crying my soul is too deep
    Too broken, afraid that I might break... more »

  • Kill Me

    It’s dark in here Inside my soul
    My mind is grey and my heart is cold
    Why do I have such thoughts of death
    That’s the only way I can do away... more »

  • Mood Dance

    Don't know which mask
    I am going to wear
    Day to Day
    Elation, irritability, depression... more »

  • My Manic Rush

    Everyone expects me to sleep tonight
    But how can I when my mind is going full flight
    Hopping and jumping how fast my ideas go
    As i get started on one... more »

  • Prison Of Sadness

    Here I am again in the same place that I started from
    Hating frustrating coming undone
    Lost in my own thoughts
    Negativity in my head... more »

  • Suffocating

    I am suffocating in this darkness
    Suffocating in this pain that always lingers
    I feel like the only way to be free
    Is to die... more »

  • The Darkness Inside

    The pain in my soul won’t go away its hurting deeply
    It lingers on in my head things that happened days ago
    I just want to be left alone and I just want to die
    I want to suppress this pain that is bounding me inside... more »

  • The Lesbian In Me

    I keep asking myself why I am the way
    That I am
    Was I born this way, did I choose to be like this
    Why do I like to be touched by a woman... more »

  • Twisted Soul

    I am lost inside my head again
    No one to read my thoughts but me
    My own private hell
    Feeding on my fears... more »

  • Untilted

    I'm on the verge of tears
    It would just be easy just to end this
    Endless suffering on the inside
    Bursting out of me... more »