• 2005 A.D.

    Their mindless, bowing heads
    Don’t look too different from Germany 1940s
    Don’t look too different from ants at the queen
    Don’t look too different from vapid, suckling piglets... more »

  • 6/18/2006

    When afternoons are quiet and
    birds chirp outside,
    I think of my father.
    I can see him standing there,... more »

  • A Thought

    I have taken this opportunity of the frozen morning-night
    to reflect upon the now-cooled sweat of your skin,
    the broad planes of your back upon which the
    moonlight drifts, falling into subtle shallows... more »

  • Acrostic

    Perhaps it was in that particular
    MOment when it was finally confessed that
    ThE lives of the two became marked and
    ParT of her would always have the truth of lies... more »

  • Come Home

    You’re so sad.

    I can tell when my fingers move
    before your empty stare... more »

  • Faded

    Small desert flowers like
    small, soft hands,
    nestled in a pool of sand,
    helpless under the indifferent sun,... more »

  • Haiku 1

    Fog glows and hazes... more »

  • Inside

    If I were to be truthful
    you would know that I do not simply love you
    in happiness
    and that I do not simply bend for you... more »

  • Lune 1

    I wish that... more »

  • Lune 2

    ... more »

  • Messages

    I wait for night time.
    I, the messenger of dreams,
    stand under the black expanse
    arching tall and vastly silent... more »

  • Prophecy

    Eventually she will wear out
    Slipping like shadows past his fingers.

    Eventually he will wear out... more »

  • Purgatory

    Was it a heaven-place or a hell-place? They asked me.
    And when I looked up, I wondered if they could see
    a sky so grey.
    I tell them, it was both.... more »

  • Signs

    Remember how I would yield for you?
    Yield, stop thought
    I would think,
    what am I doing? and
    why?... more »

  • The Gardener

    I tell you, “There are weeds in your hair, ”
    and you squint up, roughened at the knees,
    dirt between the frays of your jeans
    and on the angle of your jaw.... more »

  • They Told Us

    We’d hear all the time that we’d understand when we’re older,
    but no one ever said that there’d be
    world hunger,
    mothers dying,... more »

  • Time

    When this started, you were tall
    You were all the way up there, a statue.

    I climbed.... more »

  • Try

    I was going to stand in front of you.
    I was going to make you smile like
    fresh cupcakes on your birthday or
    a non-platonic Valentine.... more »

  • Winter

    I froze Like a brick wall.
    Look up. Was she crying?
    So quiet. Silent ringing.... more »

  • Zigga Zigga

    Oh! You pretty things. he says
    Let's rock
    The hair almost electric, tacky and tall
    The face glittering and shining... more »